Across Ages (One Direction Story)

This is paranoid. Love between years? Psh it's weird! But could it actually be possible to fall in love with someone almost six years older than you? Is this actually love? Or is it just a strong friendship? I find even that weird right now.

Chapter 1

This is Really Happening?

My eyes lifted to the picture as I chewed the end of my pencil, wondering what to write. My notebook sits open before me as I fiddle with the edges of the pages while laying on my bed. Writers block is so annoying! Especially when you get it three sentences into the first chapter. I groan in annoyance before slamming my tiny Roxy notebook shut. It holds my Harry styles fan-fiction. What should happen to Harry? Should Zacky push him away? But then how would they get together if they ever do? I groan in annoyance. I can't think of anything to write! Maybe I could ask Lola? I decide on that before picking up my iPod touch, and unlocking it. I keep it pass code locked so my sister can't get on it. I open the texts.

Me: hey LOL
Her: Yea RUL?
Me: do u have an idea for any of my stories? I have writers block. :/
Her: nope... Sry xD y do u always come 2 me? Louis walks in the room

And then we start one of our crazy One Direction included conversations. I chuckle as she sends a message about dumping tea on Louis' head.
I'm a die-hard Directioner, and I would probably do anything to meet them! But I always end up reminding myself that I'm like in the Narnia of this world. Canada. And that I'm only 13. I'm too young no matter how devoted I am. I sigh. Maybe a walk out will clear my mind. I grab my favourite green pen and my Over Again notebook, and walk out my door and downstairs, into the kitchen. My mom is baking something.

"Hey mommy, could I take a walk to the park?" I ask. Yes I call my mom mommy. You got problem?

"Sure Journey. Just be back in a half hour!" She replies, smiling like always.

I grin. "I'll be back by then!"

I walk back down the hall to my front door, shove my converse on my feet, and grab a sweater before walking out the door. I plug my headphones into my iPod, and start blaring One Direction in my ears. I walk with my hands in my pockets to the end of the street, before crossing and walking up the path into the park. I walk out to the middle of the open field and sit down in the grass, taking out out my writing book and pen. I touch the tip of the pen to the paper, when Everything About You comes on. It's my favourite song, so of course I had to sing! Yes I respect the One Direction classics. I sing the first line, and start writing. It's almost the end of the song when I realize there's someone singing with me, other than my iPod. I turn around to see a shorter kind of guy. He looks exactly my hight. His hood from his jacket is drawn up over his hair, and he looks a little like someone I know...
He stops singing once he realizes I've noticed him. He instantly blushes. What the heck? This dude looks like he's in his late teens or early twenties. Why is he blushing at me? I'm only 13.

"Hi." I say.

"Hello." He says in an Irish accent. I know that voice, but decide to pretend I don't know.

"How are you?" I ask politely, seeing as he's 5 years older than me.

"Good, you?" He replies good naturedly.

"Good" I say awkwardly.

I turn back to my writing book, feeling really weird having only came out here to write and ending up meeting Niall Horan. He stays where he is, quietly watching me. And I thought I stalked him. I don't stare at his picture for hours.

"I'm Charles." He grins at me.

"I'm Journey." I mentally roll my eyes at him trying to disguise who he is. It's pretty obvious with his voice. Only a Directioner would know. "And what's a big time celeb like you doing in Canada? It's like Narnia here."

He freezes. "What?"

I actually do roll my eyes this time. "Your Niall Horan. Any girl who listens to you as much as I do would know."

He looks a bit worried.

"I'm not about to yell it to the whole world." I chuckle. "I'm 13. Who would take me seriously?"

He chuckles worriedly. "So your not about to tell anyone?"

"Nope." I pop the P. Its then that my crazy weirdo of a friend, decides to show up amazaynly knowing I'm here because she is such a stalker.










"I had them for dinner last night. And One Direction."

"I get that. But you stole my line! I'm supposed to say carrots!"

"Since when?" I ask.

"Since now!" She yells. Then she notices Niall.

"HI IM LOLA!" She shouts.

"Ni-Charles." Niall says. I snort and he gives me a look. But I've caught Lola's attention.


"Nothing." I say. "I'm actually surprised you don't know. And you call yourself a Directioner."

"OK FINE IM NIALL HORAN!" Niall cries out loudly. "HAPPY?"

"Very. Any way what's up Lola?"

"Zayn's hair." She replies cheekily. I'm surprised she taking the fact that Niall Horan is standing in front of her so lightly.

"I would have said the sky." Mutters Niall.

"Same." I grin.

"NO YOU WOULDN'T! YOU WOULD HAVE SAID ZAYN'S HAIR!" Lola says rather loudly.

"Fifty fifty chance." I smirk. Niall smiles at me. What the bananas? He's five years older than me.

"Do you guys want to come meet the boys?" He asks Lola and I.

"My mom wants me home, sorry." I say.

"Same here." Says Lola. "Such a bother..."

"LLN!" I yell, and we both burst out laughing.

Niall doesn't get it.

"Nevermind." I chuckle. He shrugs to himself.

"We'll nice meeting fans that aren't idiotic. See you guys around?"

"I guess. Just wondering, how long are you staying in Narnia?"

"Uh... I think around a month."

"Ok, just wondering. See ya!" Then Lola and I walk away. We're across the street before the squealing starts.

"OMGOMGOMG!" Lola yells. Then she straightens up, and we walk back to my house.

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