Last First Kiss~ A Louis Tomlinson Love Story

This is about a girl named Lola who finds out that Louis likes her, but I afraid to admit it. I've kindof developed the plot line but not really so, ya. Enjoy! This I my first uploaded fanfic and I will make more when this is done.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Lola's POV

'Rain Thompson would like to chat with you.' My phone tells. I looked up from my guitar music, half-heartledly picking up my phone from the table.
PITCH_PERFECT739: Hey. What's up?

Rainxoxo: Nm. U?

PITCH_PERFECT739: nothin

Rainxoxo: can I ask u a question?

PITCH_PERFECT739: ya. Anything u want

Rainxoxo: One direction. My house. 2day. Want 2 come?


Rainxoxo: k ;D ttyl


I log off and turn off my phone. Grabbing the keys to my convertible, I forget all about the fight with Celtic earlier. Running down the stairs I forgot about my worries. I walk down the walkway to my car, unexpectedly bumping into Michayla. Michayla Rosemary Copperfrost was my best friend since three years old.

"Hey Lola! Where you goin'?" Michayla said happily, pushing her auburn coloured bangs out of her eyes.

"Rains. One direction is coming to her house." I reply with a smirk.

"OMG! Do you think I can come?" Michayla squels.

"Ya. Come on. Hop in." I make my way over to the drivers side as Michayla jumps in an buckles up.

"Ready?" She wonders.

"Ready." I reply, sliding on my shades.

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