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Chapter 1

First Impressions

Chapter One: Ellie

“Elaine, are you sure about this? England is so far way. You could find other boarding schools here close by.” Ellie’s mom said for the third time since they’ve got off the car. “This is a wonderful opportunity for me and it‘s England we are talking about! The England I‘ve talked about since I was five years old, I can‘t back down from this.” Ellie said in response to her mothers attempt to make her change her mind. Ellie had always been in love with England, it’s culture, landscapes not to mention the way Englanders spoke with their refined words and their beautiful accent. She could see that her mom was about to give her yet another speech about the dangers she might come upon while in another country so she quickly changed the subject. “Wonder what‘s taking Amber so long, she said she was almost here.” she said while looking around. Then she spotted her in the entrance carrying three huge suitcases and a hand bag .Ellie had told her to send her things in advance and not to carry so many clothes because England’s weather was very different from Arizona’s. Both of them had bought a lot of clothes from online stores over there and they would be send to dorm/house they’d be living in from now on. But no there she came with her whole closet. But what could you do? That was Amber for you, they has been best friends since Elementary even when Ellie was a year older. They were extremely different Amber was the popular no care in the world type with a passion for dancing. Ellie in the other hand was the shy better-if-not-noticed type, she was accident prone and didn’t have a balanced bone in her body. She was good at things people did not find interesting like singing, writing, reading and playing guitar. Music and Literature were her passion. “ Hey Ellie OMG I can‘t believe we are about to go to England! This is going to be great and ah!” she said her voice getting higher with every word she said. Ellie just looked at her and said “Amber take a breath, let‘s not scare the little kid behind you. Okay?” “Ellie, where are all your other bags?” she asked. Ellie only had her backpack a small suitcase and her six string. “This is it.” she said with a mocking smile. “I think you need more then that but your so stubborn I won‘t even try.” Amber said with a disapproving face. “Flight to North London leaves in twenty minutes. ” the lady called through the speakers. “Mom is time to leave. I love you I’ll call you and don’t worry everything is going to be fine.” Ellie told her mom. “Take care. Don‘t forget to call. I love you.” her mom called out. Ellie just gave a smile and waited for Amber to say good-bye to her mom. Amber caught up to Ellie and they walked to the plane. The plane took it’s time to depart it was going to be a long flight. So Ellie’s grabbed a book and began to read while Amber was reading a fashion magazine. “Aren’t you glad we don’t have to wear uniforms? Because I am big time!” she started to say. “Yeah I am. Hey speaking of that did you get your necklace crest already? Cause I got my ring yesterday.” Student didn’t have to wear uniforms at Avon Academy but they did have to wear in someway the school’s crest and they gave you a choice Ellie chose to wear it was a ring and Amber wanted a necklace. “Yeah! I did it‘s so cute it goes with everything I have it in my bag.” she said with her happy voice. “Dude I can‘t believe we are going to get to met British boys!” Amber said. “Yes, Amber that why we are going to Avon to met boys.” Ellie said sarcastically. “Ugh, Ellie if you met a boy you better not second guess yourself because if you do I‘ll personally kick your butt!” Amber said making a gesture with her fist. “Fine, Amber but trust me nothing will happen.” Ellie said with a sigh. “You never know.” was all Amber said. The night came upon, they would be landing at mid day. Amber and Ellie talked about how Avon would be and the place that they’d be staying at if they were going to make friends. Classes wouldn’t start till Monday and they where going to get there on Saturday afternoon. Amber would have to start a bit early because she was going to join the dance team so Ellie would be alone on Sunday. Ellie didn’t want to admit that she was a bit nervous about going to Avon because it looked a bit creepy but very cool and she wanted to feel like that was the place she belonged at but she had a strange feeling about the whole thing. They landed they got all there things and there was a cab waiting for them. The driver made small talk which Ellie had to keep up with because she was better at talking to grown ups them Amber was. Ellie also admired the city the buildings and the houses that looked like manors and the architecture was amazing. As they drove what used to be scattered trees now turned to a deep evergreen forest and at view you could see this huge castle like building, Avon Academy. “Here, you are girls’ Avon Academy” the drivers said. “Thank You.” Ellie said and paid the man. As they both got out of the cab and stepped closer to the gate all that was going through Ellie’s mind was “This is it the first day of the rest of my life.” They pushed the gate and walked inside. “It looks like a castle! I call princess!” Amber said. “Yeah you can be the princess Amber. But really this place is amazing. Look at all the detail in the walls and the trees.” Ellie said with astonishment in her voice. “If you say so. I like the sparkly windows.” “Amber they are not sparkly the sun is hitting them.” Ellie said with a laugh. “Ugh you know what I mean.” Amber said. “Yeah I know. I‘m just teasing. Let‘s go get our schedules.” Ellie told her. “Okay”. The place was beautiful but it had a sense of mystery which was in a way cool. The trees were huge with dangly branches full of leaves. Ellie looked up at the sky and saw that the sun was barely shinning. It was only 2:00pm. They talked as they walked in to the school and then they found the office it wasn’t full she guessed it was because they were just early. “Your names?” the lady at the desk called. Ellie stepped forward “Elaine Grayye”. “Very well Elaine I see you have honors classes, excellent. You’ll be in House Z which is the last one on the map. ” the lady said with a smile. “Thank you, have a nice day.” Ellie told her. “Thank you, Sweetie you too. ” replied the lady. Once Amber had gotten her schedule they walked to try to find their house. “Ellie, we have the same house and it will be like a sleepover every night!” “Yes it will be like a sleepover…” said Ellie looking down at the trail of rock both big and small of every color you could name. The breeze made the trees sway making it seem as if they were in a movie to the sides there were many houses and teen running around. “Ellie, could you help me with my hand bag? It‘s too heavy I should have listen to you.” cried Amber. “Sure, I told you!” responded Ellie. They kept walking and Ellie tried to fix her guitar because it felt like it was falling so she turned around trying to grab it from her back when she heard it hit somebody. A boy to be exact. “Oh I‘m so sorry, really are you okay? Oh I‘m such an idiot…” Ellie began blabbering. The boy was looking down holding his hand to his forehead. He looked up and looked at Ellie for a while then said “It‘s okay, I‘m fine.” “Oh no I‘m sorry truly.” she kept saying. He giggled and then said “It‘s fine don’t worry about it.” with a dazzling smile. Ellie felt her face getting red so she looked down. “Hey, we go to go.” Amber said. With that the boy left. “OMG! Did you see the way he looked at you! Oh of course not because you looked down! What’s wrong with you!” with that Amber looked back. “He is even looking this way right now!” But Ellie wasn’t listening she was remembering the way the boy looked. But she couldn’t remember. She could only remember his eyes, hazel with a hint of blue she’d never seen eyes like that. Then she lost her train of taught because she tripped on a small lose rock. “Um here we are House Z, it looks lovely doesn’t it?” Ellie said when she saw the house it was two stories high and it had an antic feel to it like if you went in there would be fire in the fire place and an old couple drinking tea. It was made out of the same material as the Academy but had a rich brown and gray color there was windows everywhere. It was just plain beautiful. “I guess so hope they have a TV inside.” Amber said. They knocked on the door and a lady in her 50’s walked out. “Hi, this is Amber and I‘m Elaine and-” she didn’t finish what she was going to say. “Oh yes. Yes the Americans, come in I‘m Ann and I‘ll be your house mother.” Ann said with a smile. The house was even lovelier from the inside it was full of dark pastel colors like rose red and leaf green. The stairs were circular and there was a fire place. The décor was very nice lots of flowers and candles the house itself smelled like a combination of both . “I can see you are tired, you should take your bags to your room it’s the first hall to the left and then the door to the right. Supper will be ready in three hours that give you gals time to adjust your room. ” said gesturing us to the stair case. “Thank you, Ann” said Ellie. “Oh your welcome.” Ann said. They walked up stairs and saw the door that was just in front of theirs it read: “Nathan and Evan” probably two other classmates Ellie taught. They entered the room and it was huge just what they needed she also saw her things in the corner and the online things they had bought. “We have a lot of things to do.” Ellie told Amber and with that they began to unpack.


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