Anything is worth believing...

Chapter 1

Once Upon a Time?

"Once upon a time, there was a prince..."

"Yeah, yeah. We all know how that's gonna end." Raine said rather annoyed at the old leather book she was holding. She thought, why read this it's the same thing over and over again there's a girls and a prince they fall in love, then comes an obstacle, the prince saves the day and in the end they live happily ever after. But if the story was so predictable, why was she reopening the book? It was that part of her which was rather small that still believed in those fairy-tale stories. A hopeless romantic sheltered by a shroud of practicality. Which helped her cope with the harsh reality of her situation. The situation created the shroud in the first place, Raine was only 15 when her parents had died she coped with it well some said. She was forced to live with her aunt, a seemingly lovely women who had three other daughters about the same age as her. At first it was kind of nice, then little by little things changed and she was forced to do things for them and she was treated rather harshly. You could say it was like Cinderella, except in the real world there's no magic to help you escape. Raine was not like Cinderella, she was independent and stubborn with long sugar brown hair with big honey colored eyes. So she wasn't the typical princess, and prince charming doesn't exist. Well little did she know that was about to change....


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