Chapter 1

by: EcoDude
Change is like a butterfly unfolding its wings for the first time.

The magnificent creature spreads its arms, shouting happiness and strength to everyone everywhere as the sky blues from the joyful sound vibrating through the souls of the birds and bees and the green grass thriving on planet Earth, never thinking of stopping its song. Never thinking of stopping its melody of the world.

And as the world turns 'round and 'round, the days pass by and the years whiz past. The warm summer breezes turn into chilly autumn days, only to be surpassed by winter. And then there is springtime again, glowing with happiness as the world keeps on changing, changing.

We are part of a bigger picture, an amazing picture, and there are billions of possibilities in the trillions of billions of millions of possibilities. We are the people, we are the organisms on this earth that can eat without ever catching food, drink without ever having to find lakes or rivers, and have fun without paying much of a penalty in our world where most things come with those penalties.

We are the people that can make change.

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