The government has always watched over us, monitoring our phone calls and emails. Watching everyone 24/7. But when two men uncover a government secret that was never supposed to be revealed, they put them and their families lives in danger. Can they escape before the government kills them?

Chapter 2

Alex Maguire

by: Salocin
"Davis, Maguire! Get back to work. You're not being paid to drink coffee and gossip like school girls."

I sighed and looked over at my friend Davy; no one called him Davis, except our boss Mr. Bennet that is, and he wouldn't tell anyone his first name. I knew we still had five minutes left on our lunch break, Davy must have too cause he flipped off Mr. Bennet as he disappeared into his office.

"Dude, you're so gonna get busted one of these days." I told him as we headed back to the cubicle we shared.

"Screw Bent Dlck. I don't fvckin care if he sees me. Only gives us fifteen minutes for lunch and still blt(hes we're not working long enough. You know I put in overtime last week so I could visit my family next month? Lost them tickets to that game on Friday cause I was workin. Didn't get a penny. Apparently those days I missed two months ago, you know when I had the flu, yeah dude said he was glad I finally made up the hours. Can you believe that? I used my sick days for those, I even spent a night in the hospital and he makes it sound like I just skipped out."

I sat down and turned on my computer. I could still him complaining in the background. It wasn't anything I hadn't heard before. When I started this job I'd been so excited. I was going to help stop terrorists! How cool is that? But then I got here. Oh boy was I wrong.

The pay is horrible, we don't get enough breaks, management treats us like garbage, and I think I was wrong about getting to stop terrorists.

I think we're going after Americans. So far there'd been three families where someone's known something that'd wound up dead. The whole family, even the kids. People, good people that hadn't done anything.

I knew because I was the one that turned them in.

I thought I was doing the right thing. I thought it was my responsibility to catch any leaks in our nation's security. I didn't know they'd end up dead. I didn't know the people I worked for made a living killing people. I didn't know that it was my job to help them do it.

I didn't know.

Now I might have found someone else with a secret and it's only a matter of time before the people in charge found out.

Whether I tell them or not.

Only thing is, the difference could mean jail.

Or worse.

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