The Poetic Ramblings Of Your Average Teenage Dirtbag.

Hi, I'm Jory and I, like every other teen, express every feeling via the literary form of poetry. So read, if you perhaps wish to glance at the inner clockwork of my mind. Or don't. Whatever. I have too much swag for you anyway.
Mwa x0x0x0x

Chapter 3

One Day

One day
Just one
Is all it takes before I deteriorate
I'm discarnate
My chest holds no soul
Head knows no control
Life without you?
I don't see the point
Not hearing your voice
It sends my stomach in knots
The birds laugh
From the wooden perches above my head
Their beaks unhinged
Screeching in sick humour
Trees whisper behind my back
Saying how it's rationality I lack
Their leaves rustle in a tenacious mockery
Their branches harshly crack
I cringe away
Despising the day
Loathing the world
Abhorring myself
Dust settles on the shelf
I sit alone
I curl upon my body
Seemingly swallowed
Nothing but black
Without you the world's so dull
So monotonous
Droning on
And on
And on
And on
And one day
That's all
Just one
One and I
We have a lot in common
In our loneliness we're mutual
Alone we are together
But I could have a hundred ones
And still be coming apart
For it is just a number
You're the only one

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