The Poetic Ramblings Of Your Average Teenage Dirtbag.

Hi, I'm Jory and I, like every other teen, express every feeling via the literary form of poetry. So read, if you perhaps wish to glance at the inner clockwork of my mind. Or don't. Whatever. I have too much swag for you anyway.
Mwa x0x0x0x

Chapter 1

Sepia Haze

Sepia haze
Blankets like a soft caress
Docks lay hushed
Silenced by the cooling hand of night

Street lights glow
Ever so faintly
Fingers of light pushing
Pushing out, out of the fog

People stand poised
Acquiesced by an unseen touch
Their black silhouettes
Printed against the moonlight

Sea's noble knights
Held in waves gentle palm
Froth gathering, like velvet trim
Masts proud and regal

Momentarily caught
In times passing grasp
A still, silent world
All in sepia haze

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