Fighting Through (a Hunger Games fan-fiction)

Fighting Through (a Hunger Games fan-fiction)

A group story, authors are myself, bored_chic1002, and firework356!

The 25th Hunger Games!

(Just to be clear, Katniss and Peeta... pretty much never happened. This is waaaay before their time. ;) Sorry, but that's just how it's going to be.)

Chapter 1

Character Page

Name: Sophia Greyson (by: Me)
Age: 16;
Appearance: Beautiful, long auburn hair, sapphire blue eyes, pale skin, curvy, tall;
Personality: Strong, determined, funny (when she wants to be), cool;
District: 4; Fishing;
Weapon: Spear and large knife;
Other: Family: Mother, Father, Older brother; Very close to her brother, but is drifting away from her parents;

Name: Opal Sanchez (by: bored_chic1002)
Age: 17
Appearance: thick, long, dark curly black hair; vibrant green eyes; tall; very dark, tan skin; curvacious figure, not too skinny and not fat at all- she works too much for that
Personality: stubborn, reckless, doesn't think before she acts, can work a crowd easily
District: 7, forestry
Weapon: Axe and throwing knife;
Other: Family: they're all dead. lives with old family friends

Name: Rory Freestone (by: firework356)
Age: 14
Appearance: Long dark blonde hair, greyish-blue eyes, fair-skinned, freckles, small, skinny
Personality: quick, clever, strategic, elusive, insightful
District: 10-Livestock
Other: Family- Lives with her mother; father and little brother died

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