I Have More To Say Now

Chapter 1

Teenagers... screw that I am staying a kid forever. Even if I look like an adult.

by: 68687
Okay, after my other story, I sorta see what people are talking about.

But, if you do have real depression, go talk to someone who is not on the internet. What good will it do? We can't help your life.

I am sorry if I have offened you, but this is rage pouring out of me. If you cut, I'd advise you to stop. I belive that it's stupid to cut. I belive that suicidal thoughts are... not pointless, but retarded. Why? Why do you think yourself less than others? It's basiclly this sort of thinking that starts wars. People thinking that they are more or less than others.

"You look at the greatest villains in human history, the fascists, the autocrats, they all wanted people to kneel before them because they don't love themselves enough."
~Tom Hiddleston

Because they don't love themselves enough. It all comes back to love, doesn't it. People, please, I beg of you, cheer up! I dunno, look at Lol Catz or something, but stop all of this madness. It is madness, it is wrong. Why hurt yourself. Give me one good reason why cutting is good. Come on, I don't bite.

So stop it. Please, stop spamming my inbox with stories about yoru fake suicide then four seconds later, I made it. Yeah, it is dumb. And I've been on Quibblo since... I think sometime last summer, and I have seen more than enough of these stories.

So take my advice, and stop cutting. Stop all this suicidness, and cheer up. Or, if none of these work, pipe the hell down.

Thank you, and please, no hate.



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