After 16 freaken years..............(Read if you care about me)

After 16 freaken years..............(Read if you care about me)

The truth of my feeling put in s poem thing. or song
the monster:
The mask:

Me: thats me

Chapter 1

The wounds won't be healed with money but love

You see me now,the monster you created.....
I was a mere child when You found me......You expermented on me. my feelings
You tought by hurting me I would love you. You pushed me away! Judged me! Destoryed me! All the good you tought you were creating created a monster, a monster that hides with in me waiting to come out.
You were the person who i never tought would hurt me but i guess I was wrong. I still wake up screaming and crying at nights. I remenber those day you would tell me mean thing but what would i do.

I would cry and say I'm sorry for not being perfect. I'm sorry for not doing it the way you wanted it. I was little and even now When someone tells me in the voice you told the person i most cared about. I begin to cry and say sorry. I sometimes wonder if my life is even worth living. I knew you had a heart but it was locked up in a box with a lost key. Even the person who treated me like a mistake reliezed the mistake they were creating towards a child..... now i look at the world different then others. my brain works different ever since i was little i tought of both sides of the story. Both sides of life.....Was it really my fault that you didn't know how to love. How to care..... Now I am 16. Suffering every day but hiding it behind a smile. Look around and see the damage you caused many. you caused damaged to the people who got me because I knew better than to let them hold in.When I see you I don't say anything to be rude. I'm the one who respects you so everyone follows along or else they would stay away liek you have.The first time you ever tryed to heal a wound that was created a long ago.Screw everything you can live your life how you want and i will live my how I want. go with that person you made us suffer with. That person who doesn't even care about your past wants your money or maybe you. Idk nor do i care. I cared about you for you not for your money. Money can't heal my wounds.

well thanks for trying to heal me after 16 years. Maybe one day you will understand to continue on in life you have to forgive.


Read my page my sister wrote something about me that is true. I wanna give up on everything when i think of the nightmares.

The monster wants to come out............ I don't know for how much long i will be able to hold it in...........when I went to theorpy they told me i wasn't crazy just had something wanting to come out. I'm sorry Rayne it peek out on you...................... sorry everyone

a picture of the monster:

aka my inner demon


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