slave story

Your name is Echo. You have short black hair and bright green eyes. At 14 your 5'4.

Chapter 1


I had just gotten home from school. I went up into my room to change into something more comfortable. I glanced out my window and saw a black van parked out there.
"That's been there for a few days now." I mumbled to myself.
I went downstairs and started on my homework. I heard a knock on the door. I sat up and stared at the door. I narrowed my eyes trying to see through the small window near the door. After a few minutes of silence I laid back down. I heard a slight click coming from the door. I turned my head and looked to see what it was. Suddenly the door burst open and two men came barging in. I sat there frozen in fear as they walked towards me. I relized what was happening and I ran up into my room. I could hear them chasing me. I slammed the door shut and leaned against it. I could hear them talking outside my door. I sat there and started crying.
"Open the door!" one of them commanded.
"No!" I screamed.
I ran into my closet and sat in a corner. I heard them open the door slowly. The door to the closet flew open and a hand reached in and pulled me out. I landed roughly on the floor. One of them took a step towards me. I slowly stood up never taking my eyes off them. They both smiled cruelly at me.
"You're coming with us." the one closest to me said.
"What do you want with me?" I asked horified.
He laughed and reached to grab my arm. I jumped back and hit my desk. I reached behind me and grabbed several objects and started throwing them. I ran out of things to throw so I swiped something else off my desk. I looked at it. It was the neckalace my mom had given to me. I quickly put it on and turn to look at the men. One was rubbing his head angerly.
"You're gonna regret that." he said menacingly.
He reached out and grabbed me by the neck. I screamed but he gagged me. The other one bound my arms and legs. They dragged me to the van that was parked outside and threw me in the back. I hit my head on something metal and was instantly knocked out.

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