Conflicted Savior (An Original)

Conflicted Savior (An Original)

Hey guys what's up? What you are about to read is a story between me The_Cat_of_Darkness and Devoured_Fantasy. Is a bit mature so no under age 12 readers advised.
It's about two best friends who run into some trouble that will test how far they are willing to go to save each other. I suck at intros so just read, rate and comment if you like it! Any and all love is appreciated. And a shout out to my co-writer who is totally awesome. This will be good.
Peace, Cat

Chapter 1

Character Info. Nikki Roam Vampire Hunter

Name: Nikki Roam. Hunter name: Tigeress.


Looks: Blonde hair with hot pink tips (we dyed it together) worn short and spiky, tall, thin, tan, black eyeliner with green eyes.

Personality: Often dark, cares deeply about Ella, always looking for trouble, tough, and VERY protective.

Weaknesses: Heights, seeing her best friend hurt, possibility of losing her friend.

Strengths: Very strong, quick with weapons, fast runner, can see in total darkness as if it was day, fast thinker. Can strip you naked and you'll never feel it or see her.

Flaws: takes things too personal, can be too over protective of Ella, too quick to fight, holds grudges forever.

Other info: Know Ella since Pre-K, been best friends ever since they met. Lives in NYC with no parents. Parents killed by vampire which is why she became a hunter. Ella wants to go on hunts with her, but she's hesitant to take her because of danger level. Loves Ella like a sister and hates that half her family hurts her. Nikki carries a HUGE amount of weapons on her body at all times. She even has a black leather jacket that has weapons hidden all thru it.

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