Deleted Realm

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Don't ask how.. I don't know.

This is for KEVerdeen's fantasy story contest

Constructive criticism is appreciated. Don't even bother commenting though if all you have to say is " I love it!", "More please?" or "Awesome!" How would I know if you read it? You could just be trying to be nice. I hate liars.

Chapter 1


"You all know why you're here, correct?" Mrs. Howards, the students' social studies teacher announced. The classroom filled with moans, grumbles, and yawns.

"Alright," she started and grabbed a clipboard "let me check the attendance...Pandora Black?"

"Ace Draven?"
"Shadow Hue?"
"Stormy Lightning?"
"Grey Morde?"
"I'm here."
"Ivy Night?"
"Aria Snow?"

Mrs. Howards let out a sigh after the mouth full of her students names. She took a sip of her coffee from the metal thermos.

"So, are you gonna tell us why we're here?" Shadow asked, stretching his arms. Mrs. Howards glared at him, processing the question, then smirked.

"Dentention, of course," she exclaimed. "You all know you're no allowed to transform into your mythical beings or use any of your powers on school grounds." She had slammed her thermos onto the desk, coffee drops staining the papers around it. The crowd she had been punishing sat up, straightening their papers. She turned away from the desks and grabbed a key from the drawer of the teacher's desk. The key glistened as Mrs. Howards turned around towards the closet behind her.
"As for your punishment," she shoved the key into the lock and started twisting it. "You will have to survive in a realm known as Limbo for a week." The closet unlocked, unleashing an unbearably bright light.

"What?! Are you trying to kill us?" Ivy hissed, irritated.

"Of course, not! It's against the law to murder anybody!" Mrs. Howards tried to bring Ivy back to civilization.

"And it's not against the law to bring people to a whole different world to see if they survive?" Ace grumbled. She paused for a bit.

"Everybody stand up and get in a line in alphabetical order! You are not allowed to bring anything so hand me you bags." She ordered the students as she they quickly got their act together. As she seized all the bags, she crunched them up into bits and pieces and placed it in her own purse. She looked at the students, at their innocent, worried eyes but she quickly looked away before she got sucked in. She pushed out the desk towards the wall and extended her arm towards the portal.

"Go on," she said, inviting them in. Each of them stepped into the portal. Ivy gave Mrs. Howards one last grimace as she got pulled away by Grey. Mrs. Howards smirked, closing the closet, hopefully, never seeing them again.

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