The Legend of Bloody Sophie: A Short Horror Story

Here is another one for my Halloween short stories!!

This one is a spin off the legend of Bloody Mary.

Requests for what you want me to do a story for next can be left in the comments or in a personal message. I can't promise I'll use your suggestion but I will try.

Chapter 2

Into the Mirror

Note: When I was writing this I came up with two different endings and I couldn't decide on which one to go with... SO instead I put one ending in this chapter and then I will pick up just before the ending in the next chapter for the ALTERNATE ENDING!!! :D

When the girls got back outside they knew immediately that something was wrong. Nicole glanced around and her heart almost stopped when she realized who was missing.

"Kelly!" Nicole called out into the dark night air.
The others began calling her name too but there was no response. A knot formed in Nicole's stomach; her twin sister would never run off without her. They were always together and Kelly was too sensitive to go off alone. Especially after having heard Violet and Morgan's story.

"Maybe she went to get a corn-dog," Violet suggested. Nicole shook her head wildly, calling out for her sister again.

"No, she wouldn't leave without me! You know that!" Nicole snapped.

"Oh calm down, it's not that serious. She's probably just in the fun house. God knows China heard you screaming in there." Morgan said and headed back into the fun house, the other two girls following behind her.

Inside it was still pitch black, the room silent except for the girls breathing. Morgan lead the way through the jumbled up rooms and before they knew it they were back in the hall of mirrors. It was the same as they had left it, just one oddly shaped room of reflecting glass.
Suddenly the temperature in the hall dropped and the bone-chilling laugh of a little girl filled the small room. The girls jumped in fear, huddling together and glancing from mirror to mirror rapidly.

"Kelly!" Morgan shouted, "Kelly you better knock it off and come out right now!"

"But I didn't do anything," Kelly's voice spoke out.

The girls jerked their heads around in search of the source of the voice but didn't see Kelly. Instead they saw a young girl with brown hair reflected many times in the mirrors. The small brown haired girl giggled again, waving at the group of girls. The girls were scared, even Morgan couldn't have denied to absolute terror she was feeling in her heart.
Sophie smiled wickedly and as she did blood began to drip from the line of her hair, it leaked from her nose, and poured from her eyes and down her cheeks. Soon her powder blue dress was drenched in it. The three girls all screamed and raced to find the exit but the door wouldn't open. They began banging on the door, pounding as if their lives depended on it because they did. Risking a glance back Nicole froze. She stopped banging on the door, stopped screaming, stopped breathing for a moment. Her eyes rested on the spot where Sophie had just been a moment ago, but it was no longer Sophie standing there.

"Kelly?" Nicole said, her breath catching.

"Why did you guys leave me out there all alone? I'm always the one who gets left behind!" Kelly stomped her foot, pushing her bottom lip out in a pout.

"Kelly, I'm sorry." Nicole said walking closer. "I was so worried!"
"Were you Nicole?" Kelly asked folding her arms across her chest.
"Of course! You're my sister!" Nicole took another step.

"Kelly?" Violet said, confused.
"Nicole?" Morgan said, worry clear in her voice.
"It's me and you, right?" Kelly asked in a small voice. "Forever?"

"Yes, forever." Nicole taking two more steps toward her twin sister. They had always been so close, best friends their entire lives. And identical twins on top of that, no one had ever been able to tell them apart successfully, even their parents got them confused.

Kelly outstretched her hand to Nicole and poked her tiny pinky up.
"Then come on!" Kelly giggled, "Pinky-swear!" Nicole laughed and smiled at her sister. She reached out, her hand passing through the mirror, and hooked her pinky finger with Kelly's. As their hands came together a wicked smile stretched across Kelly's face and she yanked on Nicole's arm, pulling her into the mirror. The girls behind her screamed at the sight and ran to help their friend.

They both hit the mirror but it was solid now and there was no way for them to reach Nicole. They screamed again, louder this time. Yet no one could hear them or would hear them. They were alone.
Then suddenly the girl Nicole had her pinkie linked to wasn't Kelly, but rather a girl much shorter with blood soaked hair.
Nicole, Morgan, and Violet all screamed. Screamed a high-pitched shrill so loud that the mirror that held Nicole and Sophie shattered. Then it was only the two of them, no Nicole, no Sophie, no Kelly.
The two girls fell to their knees and sobbed, the fear in their hearts finally becoming too much for them to bare.

When they finally managed to stumble outside the carnival was beginning to close. People were starting to file out of the front gates and into the parking lot. One by one they got into their cars and drove home, leaving the two girls laying in the grass with tears still pouring from their eyes.

"It is about time you guys come out! I was about to come in and find you. I would have but that place gives me to creeps." Kelly appeared next to the two girls on the ground, looming over them and nibbling on a corn-dog. Violet and Morgan stared up at her in amazement, both of them unable to speak.

"Sophie?" Violet breathed through violent sobs.

"Ha ha, very funny. Where is my sister?" Kelly asked glancing around.

Morgan looked up to the sky before answering. It was dark, not a single star able to shine through the black abyss. "She's gone. . . "

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