The Legend of Bloody Sophie: A Short Horror Story

Here is another one for my Halloween short stories!!

This one is a spin off the legend of Bloody Mary.

Requests for what you want me to do a story for next can be left in the comments or in a personal message. I can't promise I'll use your suggestion but I will try.

Chapter 1

Hall of Mirrors

"Haven't you heard the story of Bloody Sophie?" Morgan gasped in disbelief.

Kelly looked between Morgan and Violet, she didn't feel very comfortable with her friends looking at her like this. There was four of them: Morgan, Kelly, Violet, and Nicole. Two months ago it was only Morgan and Violet but that had changed after the twins had moved in next door. Now every time they had a long break from school the girls stayed the night at one an others houses and watched movies until the sun came out. Usually it was sappy romance movies or a Disney movie marathon, but Halloween was approaching quickly and that meant Morgan wanted to tell ghost stories.

"Don't you mean Bloody Mary?" Kelly asked in a small voice.

"That stupid old urban legend about the witch and the mirrors?" Nicole bit out and rolled her eyes.

"No, I mean Bloody Sophie. She's this little girl who use to live here that died."

"What happened to her?" Kelly asked.
Morgan smiled darkly, she loved getting the opportunity to tell a scary story. Morgan looked over to Violet who nodded and got up to turn out the lights, leaving them in pure blackness. A moment later a flashlight illuminated Morgan's face, casting an eerie shadow on the ceiling.

"It was two years ago, Sophie was eight years old when she went to the town carnival with her parents.They were having a good time, riding the Ferris Wheel, playing ring toss, stuffing their faces with Cotton Candy. But then little Sophie wandered off into the fun house unsupervised and got lost. Her parents searched and searched for her but they couldn't find her, not until two children came running and screaming out of the fun house. By the time they finally found her she was dead. Someone had butchered her in the hall of mirrors. Legend says that's where her soul rests now, waiting for people to call her. I heard one year this little boy went into the fun house and saw Sophie inside the mirror with blood all over her and her eyes gouged out; he never spoke again. They had to shut the fun house down for a whole two years, this year is the first year it's been open since the little boy saw Sophie."

"What a load of crap!" Nicole snapped, but Kelly looked terrified. Morgan laughed evilly at her, she was enjoying this.

"Is it Nicole?" Violet said with a dark hitch in her voice. "If you don't believe us why don't you go inside the hall of mirrors and call her name? I dare you."

"Fine! I will, and then when nothing happens because you're nothing but a big liar you're going to have to go to the very top of the Ferris Wheel!" Nicole snapped again, using Violets fear of heights against her.

"Fine," Violet offered her hand out to Nicole. "Deal," they said together and shook hands.

Later that week

"I don't know about this Nicole. . ." Kelly said in a scared voice as they stood out in front of the fun house. The whole group was together again, it was the first night of the carnival and so far no one had ventured over to the fun house.

"Don't let these guys scare you Kelly, their story was nothing but a load of crap." Nicole said coolly, though she couldn't deny the pinch of unease in her stomach.

"Are you going to go in or what?" Violet said folding her arms across her chest.

"Yeah, Bloody Sophie is waiting for you!" Morgan spoke in a creepy voice and wiggled her fingers at them.

Nicole raised her chin and stomped toward the fun house, throwing the plastic flap aside and passing the threshold. Inside it was pitch black but she continued to walk until she found the first room that was filled with stairs that crawled in every direction. She tripped several times but managed to make it on to the next room: the hall of mirrors. It was an oddly shaped room with mirrors and ceilings made of mirrors. Nicole glance around and saw nothing but a million copies of herself, she looked paler than she thought she should but she ignored it and began chanting.

"Bloody Sophie, Bloody Sophie, Bloody Soph__" Screams shot through the hall and bounced off the walls, causing the mirrors to shake. Nicole screamed and fell the ground in terror, folding herself into a ball and hiding her face.

"I'm sorry Sophie, please don't hurt me!" Nicole screamed.

Then Nicole recognized the laughter that seemed to be pouring from the mirrored walls.
Violet and Morgan!
The girls appeared from behind the back wall that lead out of the fun house still laughing.

"Oh my God, you should have seen your face! You were so scared!" Morgan burst with laughter.

"That wasn't funny!" Nicole yelled, her face turning a bright shade of red.

"Oh yeah? Then why can't I stop laughing!" Violet gasped in between fits of giggles. The two girls wiped the laughter induced tears from their eyes and stood straight again.

"You have to admit that was good," Violet said patting Nicole on the shoulder. Nicole didn't say anything, she just rolled her eyes and stormed from the fun house. The other two girls followed her, still giggling. Never noticing the small blood-soaked girl watching them from inside the mirrors.

Note: Keep in mind that this is only part ONE. :)

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