About me

Okay so if you wanna get to know me better here it is!

Chapter 1

You are amazing :)

Well first off, I'm an anime freak XD I love anime! Some anime I have watched are, Bleach, Naruto, Brothers Conflict, Shugo Chara, Blood+, AKB0048, Full Metal Alchemist and so many more! I read manga xP I LOVE RAIN! ^^ it's raining right now actually..lol. I love to read :P some books are Mortal Instruments, Fallen, House of Night, Beautiful Creatures, Secret Circle, and many more. HOLY SHIZNIT THE RAIN XDDD I love the tv shows Once Upon A Time, Sleepy Hollow, and Touch :3 I hate dogs...dogs are useless animals who pant, eat, poop and sleep -.- Someday I will change my name to Sakura and dye my hair Silver ^^ I refuse to have children because I hate them -.- I LOVE MATH! It comes easily to me! I'm an orchestra dork xP I play violin I'm first violin first chair XD Im random, weird and I LOVE JAPAN!! I was three best friends, Miyuki, Moko, and Okami. They all know my thoughts :) how I would love to cough kill most humans...don't ask I just do. I'm usually in a good mood :P I hate my family with a passion. I love to sing, write, and play video games! I cuss when I'm in a horrible mood, I mask my pain under a smile. WELL BYE! XP


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