The 84th Annual Hunger Games

This is from the poiny of view of three tributes: Duck Siford(4), Aisling Tolbor(10), and Alex Thornson(7).

Who will win?

Chapter 1

Reaping Day.

The ocean.

The ocean was Duck's only escape from this day, Reaping Day. Right now her mother would still be asleep, with her sibling-to-be curled up inside of her womb, waiting for the right time to come out.
But at this time, Duck was ready to swim.
She dove into the cold, salty waves and swam strongly. The water lapped at her softly curved sides and her long brown curls wafted around her eyes. The fact that any moment an ever-so-common Man-O-War could attach to her was pushed far back in her mind, as she was in her happy place.
The ocean.
She felt an animal brush against her, and smaller fluffy ones doing the same. Duck popped her head out of the water to see a small Merginae duck with it's nine babies quacking at her for food.
Duck smiled. These where the ducks she was named after, the small perkiness of them, but also the alternitave name "Sawbill" with the serrated edges on their beaks, describing the fact that Duck can be deadly and bad-tempered.
It was all true, yes, but she loved the things. She dived down, deeper than a passing merginae would, to grab a mollusk or two.
She knew all the greatest places, and always fed the over-populated families of seaducks. She cracked the shells with nimble fingers and watched with delight as the duck fed bits of salty clam flesh to her ducklings.
She would miss this is she was reaped.
She probably wouldn't be, of course, as she kept herself and her mother's bellies full with forbidden mollusk meat and smaller fish. She only added herself in for tesserae for storing away grain for when the baby comes. Mother thought it was going to be a girl.
Duck was lying on her back on the stormy waves, letting them carry her to the shore, when she heard the bell.
She swam as quickly as she could to shore and stripped down on the beach, squeezing water from her hair and jerking her short blue reaping dress onto her wet skin.
She didn't want her mother to be punished for her bad choices for anything. She raced into the square and quickly had her finger pricked, and squeezed her way into the 17-year-old girl area. The escortt, & Trinkler, was just moistening her yellow-dyed lips and reached her short-fingered hand into the girls bowl.
"Duck Siford." She called, trilling on the S.
Duck could barely move as she walked stiffly up to the stage. She had less of a change of dying than a 10 or 11 tribute, but she would still surely die. She hardly used a weapon other than a fishing spear or a net, maybe if it was made from barbed metal...
Duck stood stiffly on the stage as her mother was the only one crying, the only one making a sound. The other remained silent, with hardly a look of pity on their faces. She didn't blame them.
Really, none of them liked her. She was probably a biach to most of them, but it was just because none of them where ever very nice to her. Or maybe it was just her past.
But no matter, Duck was standing on the stage as & called out another name.
"Jordan Craesh."
Duck almost cried out with despair. Jordan was a strong, handsome 18-year-old that was a "bad-boy" and every girls dream at her school. He had tanned skin, a white smile, a great body and dark blonde hair. But Duck knew for a fact that he was perfect with a sword, a javelin, really anything with a barbed point or a serrated edge.
Her chances of coming home where destroyed.
& looks over both of them with her magenta colored eyes, and pipes out at the crowd "My, we have got ourselves a pair of good-looking tributes this year!"
Duck rolled her eyes and shook hands with Jordan, knowing she needed to. She had watched the reaping since she was seven years old.
Jordan flashed her a blinding white smile and winked, but Duck only looked away.
Not that she was bashful, she was just full of disgust. He had, like, three girlfriends at the moment. Or should she had said toys? They practically where.
Next thing Duck knew, she was in a wooden room waiting for the Capitol people to sort out crap. He mother pushed into the room, her gray t-shirt bulging on her swollen belly. She had tears in her eyes as she took Duck in her arms.
Duck could feel herself tearing up, but she wiped them away. "Mom, listen." Her mother pulled away and looked at her, tear stains on her face.
"When the baby comes, go to the space behind the house with the pond. Mollusks live there, and you can cook them in the pan for the baby." Duck told her, babbling with nervousness.
Duck's mother nodded, wiping her eyes and left the room.
I sighed and was pushed onto the train with Jordan, who kept on inching next to me. I continued to inch away.
Quickly, my sweet escape dissapeared.
The ocean.

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