Little Mermaid and Percy Jackson cross over, made originally for friend's birthday

Chapter 3

3, haha yeah

“Are you alright?”
Annabeth groggily looked up, swallowing several times to make sure she wasn’t going to vomit again. “I’m fine.”
The being before her was that of a god but she knew that it wasn’t an entity at all. His dark hair gleamed in the pale moonlight, shaggily hanging over concerned emerald eyes. His upper body was fit and lean, his torso slowly darkening into a layer of pale blue scales like a fish. The farther down she looked, the darker and thicker the scales seemed to get until they reached a wicked sharp point at the tip. The fins that flared out from the powerful tail were thin and delicate like lace, the veins creating entrancing designs swirling like moving currents. She started to follow the designs with her eyes but she felt herself getting dizzier and leaned back with a sigh.
“Are you sure?”
“For the gods sake’s, yes,” she spat before cringing. That’s right, Annabeth. Anger the mythical sea being.
But he didn’t even look agitated with her response, his gaze remained as cautious as before. It was almost as if…he were afraid of her. “Just making sure. Um. Do you know why you were tossed off the side of the ship?”
“I was tossed off-?”
“Thrown, pushed, kicked, which ever fits the situation.”
“I…” it took Annabeth awhile to come to understand what he was talking about, her head throbbing in pain. “Sabotage. Another kingdom…they tried to get rid of me.”
“Sounds like a fun night.”
She snorted. “Yes, happy birthday to me.”
They sat in silence for a moment, more bile rising in Annabeth’s throat. She swallowed and looked at the merman sitting across from her with narrowed eyes. He squirmed under her gaze and she softened it just a little.
“Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?” she blurted. “It…helps me focus on other things.”
“Sure, go ahead,” he said encouragingly.
“Are you from nearby? You know…do you live close?”
“Not particularly. I was blowing off steam up here when I saw you fall. It’s takes a long time to get home.”
“There are more beings like you?”
He nodded, pursing his lips. “We are a few.”
“Are you blessed by the sea god?” she asked, noticing the trident seemingly burned into his bicep.
“Blessed,” he snorted in disgust. “Hardly. Cursed to be near him, maybe.”
“What do you mean?”
“I’m his son,” he said seriously.
Annabeth stared at him, mind racing. Son of a sea god…that explained his looks. And well, the fact he was part fish. He chewed the inside of his lip and rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably. Annabeth blinked when she realized she was staring intently at him again.
“So…what about your mother?”
“I have one,” he responded immediately, making her laugh loudly and startling him into a confused smile.
“I would have figured,” she chuckled. “I mean is she…a goddess?”
“No,” he said slowly. “She was a normal merperson. She…she died a few years ago. But anyway, that’s depressing things. Does your head hurt too badly?”
Annabeth tilted her head, looking at him curiously. It didn’t seem to cause him discomfort speaking of his late mother so it must be another factor that got him to change the subject. “No, my head feels alright. I’ve had worse.”
“You ah…have seaweed caught in your hair.”
She reached up and tugged gently at the slimy strand in her hair, pulling it out with a frown. “Why use this, Seaweed Brain?”
“Seaweed Brain, eh?” he chuckled. “That’s an interesting name. But it was all I had to sop up the blood.”
“So you poke me with it to stop the blood flow?”
“No-yes, but no…wait.”
She laughed again, this time softer. “Point is it feels fine now.”
“So why does the other kingdom want to rid of the princess?” he asked abruptly. “Why not go for the queen?”
“I never said I was a princess…”
“It was implied, Wise Girl.”
“Of all the names you could have chosen, you chose that one.”
“You give me limited sources.”
“Just as well. But the queen would be much harder to get to than me. I was just surprised someone would even bother going after me, there’s a good chance I’ll reject the crown.”
He raised an eye brow. “You reject a chance at perfecting something as big as a kingdom? Why?”
“I see things differently,” she sighed, twisting her hair and tried not getting too worked up about it. “I told the queen a couple years ago I didn’t need to find a husband to help me rule, that I was going to change things. It didn’t go well. We both said things…it doesn’t matter. I just want to go somewhere, a place I could build something permanent.”
“ you thought about it a lot.”
“I have.”
“I can talk to fish.”

“What’s your name anyway?”
“Annabeth,” she said with a sneer, picking at a thread in her shirt. “Yours?”
He watched as the princess launched into another rant about how women should be able to have the same rights on the seas as men do, her eyes bright with passion. He had stayed with her to make sure she was really alright, he couldn’t forgive himself if something happened to hurt her again. He hadn’t forgiven himself from the last time he couldn’t save someone. Percy shook himself and forced himself to focus on different things. Her hands were calloused but delicate, as if they were made for domestic work. She was always so critical and logical about anything she talked about, it was hard to believe anyone would doubt her abilities of doing anything by herself. Percy had no idea what she was talking about half the time but it amazed him how intelligent she made everything sound. Perplexing, sure, but intelligent all the same.
The sky in the east was a fading violet before they could blink, morning approaching fast. Grover had probably gone home and if that was so, Percy’s father would get suspicious. The last thing he needed was Poseidon getting mad again. Annabeth also had her own problematic situations to consider.
“My crew would be all over the place once they found I was missing,” she murmured, looking off to the direction the ship had sailed. “And we don’t need another war so I need an excuse why I fell off the boat.”
“Just don’t worry about it,” Percy suggested, half worried she would mention well, him. “It’s none of their business.”
“But it’s to help you as well, aren’t at least a little concerned?”
“I am…but it would be easier for both of us if we didn’t say anything to anyone about this. Problems for both sides.”
“Oh. Yeah, yes. You’re right, less complications this way.”
Percy grew uncomfortable and to his surprise Annabeth showed signs of discomfort as well.
“Well uh, I guess I need to get back to shore then.”
“Do you need any help?” Percy asked, scooting to the edge of the bar.
“No,” she responded immediately. “I can do this myself.”
He pursed his lips together but didn’t say anything. Annabeth slid over to the edge and waved without looking at him, slipping into deeper water. She came up sputtering and flailing. Percy was holding her up in a matter of seconds. She glared at him.
“I can do this.”
“You need help,” he said with finality, ignoring the deadly eyes that offset Annabeth’s whole image. “It’s still pretty dark and you are still weak.”
“Fine fine,” she snapped, spitting the salty water out of her mouth.
“Float on your back,” Percy instructed, happy when she did so without questioning it.
“Like this?”
Her shirt was clinging to her thin frame and Percy tried as maturely as he could to ignore what was under it but he’s only human. Well, half human. He stuttered a few times before resorting to stare directly into her shameless eyes.
“You need to arch your back a little more,” he said after swallowing, pushing her up with his hand. “Ya. There you go. Now hold onto my hand and try not to sit up.”
“Why would you-“
Her hand tightly in his, he streaked off over the water, slicing through waves and gliding smoothly through the ocean as if he were a dolphin. He could feel Annabeth’s pulse quicken from his hold on her wrist and flexed his tail once before pouring on the speed. It was easier now that she was awake and able to receive direction, the flow a lot smoother. He brought his arm in slowly so that she was almost level with him. The pale morning light was filtering over the horizon and illuminating her golden hair as they streaked through the dark blue. Her eyes were wide in wonder, thick eye lashes blinking away the water that splashed up. She looked at Percy and grinned joyously. He grinned back and continued the race to shore. He loved swimming like that, half in the air and half in the water. It was like he was perfectly split between the worlds, the water welling up on his sides like a boat’s hull cutting through the waves. Underwater you don’t feel the sensation of cold that often so when the wind would rush over his skin after being doused in water, it was like no other experience to Percy.
When they were close enough, Percy released Annabeth’s wrist and allowed her to tread water on her own. She was well within swimming distance of shore, maybe twenty feet away. She faced him with excited gray eyes, hair forming ringlets as soon as she popped up.
“Than you, Percy. Really.”
“S’not a problem,” he said through a crooked smile.
“See you around,” she said with a grin of her own, turning to paddle to land.
Percy watched her to make sure she would make it okay, not satisfied until she was stretching with her feet planted on the sand. She caught his eye and waved.
“You’re secret’s safe with me,” she had called.
“Yours is too!” he had responded before slipping under the water again.
As he swam lazily back home, he spiraled slowly around rock formations and reefs staring to wake up. Fish of all sorts bid him good morning and he cheerily said hello back to them, a slight smile plastered on his lips. He decided to take the long way to the palace, the way through the village. Bright undersea floral arrangements blossomed as he passed, the few merfolk awake surprised to see him wandering the streets with nothing chasing him. The empty music garden had some instruments lying around and despite his lack of musical talent, Percy had the urge to pick one up and try something new. He didn’t, of course. He was probably in enough trouble as it was, causing people to go deaf would get him grounded for sure. Once he hit the palace wall, he shot straight up and dove through his window and crashed on his bed. Humans were so…interesting.

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