Little Mermaid and Percy Jackson cross over, made originally for friend's birthday

Chapter 2

2, Yo

Annabeth grinned ear to ear as the brothers barged in her cabin with identical smirks, windblown hair tangled with random objects like coins and beads.
“Upon request of the cap’n, you are to report topside in five minutes for a celebration of sorts,” Travis said with a straight face, nudging his brother to follow his lead. “Be late and we will force you to walk the plank.”
“Is that so?” she said, closing her book and standing up.
“Yes, it was a direct order, ma’am.”
“Well we’ll have to see what the fuss is about then, huh?”
Conner looped his arm through Annabeth’s real gentleman like and Travis did the same on her right side. “Shall we, m’lady?”
“If we must,” she mock sighed, not missing the sly glance between the two behind her head.
They escorted her up the stairs and through the corridors, the smell of the sea permanently infused in the walls. Their weapons clanked and jangled as they walked, the buckles on their boots clinking with each step. As always, the boys were careful not to touch anywhere but the arm of the girl, fully aware of the consequences of such actions. Annabeth worked hard to prove herself equal in skill compared to the men of the crew but she was still a lady of high ranks, higher than any on the ship. She had boundaries and wasn’t hesitant to enforce them. She heard the not so hushed tones of the crowd just above them and twisted to face Travis and Connor, instinctively smoothing their torn shirts to the best of her ability. They just shook their heads with smirks and guided her the rest of the way up to the top deck. Twinkling lights spiked at her vision as she squinted with her smile, the crew becoming as quiet as they could in respect. It wasn’t big, it wasn’t grand, it was plain and simple. Perfection. She spotted a small, dark figure moving through the burley sailors and popping out with a half smile.
“To the Princess on her birthday,” Nico announced, raising his flask in the air. “To her freedom on the seas!”
“Haaarr!” the crew shouted, pounding their feet and jabbing at the sky with their blades.
“Happy birthday, Annie,” he winked, taking a swig of his drink.
Annabeth marched up to him and punched the younger kid in the arm with a scowl before stealing his flask and downing the last few gulps herself. She handed it back sweetly and wiped her mouth delicately. He just shook his head.
“Your present to me,” she declared, snapping her fingers for someone to bring her a bottle from the chest.
“Not quite, Yer Highness,” a man named Crowry chuckled. “Ya got a whole ‘nother thing comin’.”
“Do I?” she questioned somewhat disappointedly, hoping they had taken her request for no gifts seriously. “What would that be?”
“Why so sad, it’s all you’ve ever wanted!”
“We’ll see,” she frowned. “We’ll see.”
Sensing her mood quickly darkening, Nico gestured for the two guys with homemade flutes to start playing, a whole group of sailors started to shout gleefully and pushing each other into the circle they formed. Being the youngest aboard, Nico had taken a shine to Annabeth immediately once it was clear she wasn’t the person the Queen wanted her to be. She wasn’t going to be a people user or a stuck up Royal pain in the kingdom’s asz. Just an example. That being said he would do anything to make her happy and he always seemed to know how to do that. It proved that theory correct then because once they pulled the princess into the jig her face had turned once again carefree and glowed with elation. Cristoph watched from a distance with a troubled expression, sure that he had told the crew that she would want no gifts of any kind. There’s no stopping Crowry though, he’s done what he’s wanted ever since joining the crew. He was one of the few who weren’t hand chosen by Annabeth herself.
They danced well into the night, drinking and laughing merrily. At some point the fireworks had gone off and everyone paused to watch in amazement as the glittering sparks rained down into the dark ocean like stars falling to the earth. Annabeth felt herself getting tipsy mid party and excused herself to get some water before rejoining the celebration. Usually she would be soundless as a cat and move like a shadow but she was far more clumsy in her near drunken state. Though her senses were dulled, she was still the best of the best. She leaned against the bow of the ship and rested a hand on the hilt of her sword, glancing on either side of her casually. She had enough time to manage a quick scream before a meaty, calloused hand clasped over her mouth and ripped her sheathed sword from her waist. Panicked, she struggled against her attacker and managed to twist enough to catch his face.
“Crowry,” she muttered from under his hand, heart racing.
His breath reeked of alcohol and his smile was more rotten than the weeks old fruit in the hold of the ship. “I told you there was more comin’, dear Princess.”
She glared at him, his fingers pressing her lips so she couldn’t bite him. With his huge body, he was rendering her incapable of moving at all.
“Freedom comes with a price,” he continued, quickly shifting his hand to it was around her thin throat and he was lifting her up while suffocating her. “Something you’ve always wanted, eh?”
“Stop,” she choked out, struggling to breathe.
“The Slevnkia wishes you a happy birthday,” he sneered, sending her over the edge of the ship.
Annabeth desperately tried to catch the rail but only managed to smack her head on the wood, plunging into the water unconscious.

“Perc, you gonna be alright?”
Percy shrugged, wrapping seaweed around his wounded arm. “Yeah, I s‘pose so. This isn’t the first time it’s happened.”
Grover frowned, diving under the water before coming back up. “Shouldn’t you be heading back though? Tyson could be getting worried.”
“You don’t even like Tyson,” Percy snorted. He couldn’t understand why, his brother was a huge softy.
“But he could cause palace wide panic if he ran around looking for you,” his friend replied with a shaky voice.
Percy’s dad hated it when he went up to the surface which is why whenever he was mad, Percy would purposely stay up by the rocks for hours just to annoy the old king. Rarely any ships came by that route anymore, not since Percy’s mom had disappeared on them. On a few occasions a year though, the same ship would sail back and forth by the rocks he camped out on. That night the ship was back again, the humans aboard laughing and shouting while wheezy music carried across the waves. He watched them for awhile, their legs confusing to watch. They weren’t near as attractive as his tail, that was for sure.
“So what’s new with you?” Percy finally asked Grover, splashing water at the distracted fish.
“Nothing you don’t know, still fighting with my little angel fish,” Grover sighed wistfully. “I just don’t know why she’s so mad at me these past few days.”
“Girls are so complicated,” Percy tried sympathizing, cut off by Grover’s humorous snort.
“You haven’t been with a girl for, how long was it, three years?”
“Around there,” Percy grinned, the ring of florescent green around his irises catching the light of the moon. “Doesn’t matter anyways.”
“Yeah, it-“
Grover rolled his eyes, swimming back and forth. “Percy, you just-“
Percy shook his head sharply, staring intently at the ship anchored yards away. “Did you hear something?”
The two watched the lit up vessel continue to carry on as usual, like nothing even happened. But something felt wrong in the air. Tense and strained. Percy squinted to try and see, a small commotion at the back of the ship catching his eye. They were set apart from the party, a dead giveaway something was going on.
“Perc,” Grover warned as the merman shoved off the rocks and started swimming to the humans. “You don’t even know if there’s anything to look at.”
A black blob shot straight down from the boat and splashed into the waters, sending vibrations to the two lying in wait. One person walked back to the party.
“You can’t save everyone,” Grover tried to say but Percy had already took off, shooting through the water with his powerful tail propelling him forward.
Percy could see just fine in the inky ocean, his eyes well adjusted to less light than he had then. Even from the distance, he could see the body of a girl sinking deeper into his home, bubbles floating up from her limp form. In moments he had reached her and grabbed her thin arm, shooting up to the surface with tremendous speed. He pulled her up quickly and tried to keep her head above the water. Unconscious, her dead weight prevented Percy from moving as quickly as he should. It took fifteen minutes before they reached a sandbar, still about a half an hour’s swim from the nearest shore. He grunted as he lugged himself up on the bar, dragging the girl with him. She moaned softly and Percy sighed in relief. He hadn’t been too late. He gently lay her head on his lap so she wouldn’t breathe in the water and sand and analyzed her curiously. Young, maybe younger than himself. He couldn’t see that much in the dim light, it was easier underwater. He could see however, the bleeding gash on her forehead, the scales of his tail coated with the run off. Frowning, he took the remaining strip of seaweed he had and used it to absorb the blood, gently wiping it across her face. A sigh escaped her lips, startling Percy enough to jab the seaweed in her wound. She gasped, eyes flying open.
“Oh shi-“
Percy jerked back and accidentally fell off the sandbar with a strangled yelp, almost landing on Grover on the way down.
“What’s going on?” Grover worriedly asked him, flitting around anxiously.
“Not now,” Percy said, cautiously rising back up with curious eyes.
The girl was kneeling, clutching her stomach and her hair hanging in knots. Percy thought of different scenarios that could occur, most of which involving screaming and injuries. Still, he couldn’t help but wonder what it was like. What humans did and why. He heaved himself back up on the bar and inched his way over to the girl. The thin layer of water over the sand was warm from the day still, her shaking sending ripples through the still surface. Cautiously he put his hand on her shoulder to alert her of his presence, if she didn’t know already. She slowly lifted her head, piercing eyes pinning him momentarily in place. She then lurched to the side, puking into the ocean.
“That is disgusting,” Percy muttered as he slid over to gather back the human’s hair, shudders and pants shaking her thin frame.
“Uhhhggg,” she moaned, a hand instinctively shooting up to grip his strong shoulder.
Percy bit his lip to keep from hissing in pain, her nails digging into his skin. He wasn’t expecting this outcome.

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