Little Mermaid and Percy Jackson cross over, made originally for friend's birthday

Chapter 10

10, you don't choose who you fall in love with, it just happens

When she pried her sticky eyes open, she wasn’t on a deck, in the water or even at the castle somewhere. Her cabin was exactly how she left it, a map of the known world stretching on the wall behind her small white desk. Her closet was empty of all dresses, full of normal shirts and trousers. Her pushed the hot blankets off her body and sat up, the usual rocking of the ship making her wonder if it wasn’t all just a dream. Horror caused her to freeze for a moment. What if it was all a dream? Lifting her arms to pull the night gown over her head, she noticed four vertical scars on each arm that weren’t there before. She breathed out in relief, leaning against the wall. Thank the gods. She got dressed and was pulling on her boots when she decided to sort through what really happened. Her head ached and throbbed but she managed to piece the past together. Eyes wide, she bolted up from the bed and slammed the door open, falling into the wall as she tried to scramble up the steps. Where was he?
On the second platform, she paused, looking around. Where was anybody? The ship was eerily quiet, just the sound of the ocean splashing against the hull. Warily she continued up, peeking down corridors occasionally. No one was barging in and out of cabins, yelling or singing with the talent of a tone deaf seagull. Annabeth raised her eye brows and started to walk up the stairs leading to top deck. Bright noontime sun glared into her eyes and she held a hand up to shield them, emerging soundlessly. Almost the entire crew had their backs to her, making a large circle around someone. A burst of laughter scared her, the sound of metal on metal making her think of the sword she lost months ago. Where did that even go?
“You’re pretty good,” she heard Conner admit with a laugh. “Just get the whole walking thing down and you’ll rival even Annabeth.”
Who are they talking to? She wondered, standing on her tip toes. There’s no way he’s better than me.
“Anyone have some pointers on the fine art of human?”
“Don’t make anyone angry until you can walk straight,” she heard a voice that sounded strangely like Leo’s say. “You won’t stand a chance.”
“How about more practice with the sword,” Travis said in the circle. “Any takers?”
Annabeth had enough. She wanted to know what was going on and she wasn’t asking nicely. She marched up behind the men, grabbed a sword from someone’s sheath and stormed the four guys in the middle, eyes locked on the tall dark haired one. Leo, Conner and Travis both snapped to attention, eyes wide. Annabeth bright down the sword only to be met with a blade, the new comer spinning to face her with lightning quick reflexes. Annabeth’s eyes grew wide as she took in the emerald eyes that glinted sassily at her and the familiar half smirk. She chose an emotion to go off of, the winner being anger. She started to battle him, jabbing and slashing at him. He had blocked a lot of her strikes and got in a few of his own, traveling with the strikes. Annabeth was impressed with his skill, it takes a lot to face her in a one on one battle. She was growing bored however, twisting her blade at the base of his hilt and tossing it across the deck. Her sword was at his neck, eyes narrowed and threatening. Percy held his hands up in surrender, grinning down at her. She didn’t realize that he was so…big. She had to look up at him.
Her name was all it took? Way to go, girlish emotions. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him, thankful he had a wall to lean on since he was hopelessly off balance. His arms pressed her close to him and she relaxed into his hard and very real body. The crew whistled and hooted and Annabeth reluctantly pulled away, still clinging to him as if he might disappear again. She searched his face.
“How are…why…why do you have legs?”
“He’s got more than legs, honey!” Leo yelled, earning a grade A death stare.
“I don’t remember much of anything, I was too busy worrying about you,” Percy answered truthfully. “A man said that Apollo and Aphrodite sent their blessings…?”
“Cristoph!” Annabeth yelled, searching for the dear old advisor.
“It’s true,” he said, pushing through the burly sailors. “They found your tale…inspiring. Healed you and turned him human.”
“Why?” she asked.
“Who knows a god, really?” Cristoph shrugged. “I’m just happy you’re alive. You two almost died right there on the deck.”
Leo had ran and got Cristoph once the guards dragged Annabeth to the beach, calling her crew together and heading for the ship. They only just got there in time, the brothers acting like mother hens on crack, fluttering around Annabeth to make sure she was alright. Nico didn’t show up and they were all grateful for that. Someone would have disemboweled him on the spot. Annabeth and Percy spent the next couple days teaching Percy to walk normally and enjoying each other’s company, teasing and joking with each other. I guess when you find that person that drives you crazy in both the good and bad way, you just can’t stay away. Hey, maybe your species will change so you can be together. Who really knows.

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