Stop With The Judgement

Just a poem I wrote, I will be putting this in my collection of poetry later but couldn't find it in my works for some reason... I'll have to look for it later. :)
Hope you all enjoy.

Chapter 1

Stop With The Judgement

by: Bye_Bye_
You see a man with a cross,
And sneer as you pass,
What a kind man he seems,
But ‘oh what a loss’.

Crimes are bound to come,
When you see a black out on the street,
You keep your head down,
And quickly move your feet.

There is someone with glasses,
‘Four eyes’ you say,
You laugh at them and tear them down,
Then call it a day.

A kid whose parents got divorced,
It must have been his fault from the start,
He must have been the reason,
His parents split apart.

Two men holding hands,
Oh what a sight!,
Have they no shame?
What a terrible plight.

Anyone who is different,
Is not as good as you,
But that is what makes your friends,
Less than a few.

Stop been so harsh,
And see people for who they are,
Open your eyes,
And you will go far.

Get your head out of the gutter,
Take a look around,
People are happy,
When you do not make a sound.

I am not saying to not give your say,
But please consider other people,
Before you demand to get your way.

People are all different,
No one is the same,
So why cause fights,
And cast around the blame?

No matter your age, religion,
Race, weight or s3xuaIity,
No one should judge you,
It's called individuality.

So why do you insist,
‘Those blacks are a disgrace’?
Why do you think,
They ‘need to be put in their place’?

Why do you frown down on a gay?,
They do not harm you,
So why do you insist,
That ‘they need to get out of your way’?

Why are people that are different,
Cut out of your life?
When maybe,
Just maybe, you are the one causing the strife.

I do not see why you care,
About how people look,
Why do you make others seem,
Like a ‘villain from a book’?

Stop with all this judging,
It’s not fair to try and make others fall,
If you can’t say something nice,
Don’t say anything at all.


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