Top Friend Repost

Repost by somebody.....

I'll probably get a lot of these wrong but WHO CARES!?

Chapter 1

My BQF (Best Quibblonian Friend)

Without looking, what's your Quibblonian best friend's username? bored_chic1002

Do you know your first top friend's (real) name? If so, what is it? (Second question is optional) I know it....but all I'm saying is it starts with a C

How old are they? I dunno....old? like 17...I think.

When is their birthday? (Optional) <I'm not doing it.

What is their favorite color? Ummmmmm...who knows?! Lots of colors, dark ones, light ones, colorful, it just depends on her mood.

What is their favorite song? Again it dependeth on her mood. It's ALL over the place though.

Who is their favorite singer/band? I dunno, Hunter Hayes....Maroon 5.....others.

What's their favorite season? Summer.

What is their favorite quote? I can see it being a Harry Potter one. But for now...
"May the odds be EVER in your favor!"

How many family members do they have? Mom, Dad, Little brother and little sister.

Do they have any siblings? If so, please list the names of the siblings below.
Eh, that's not important. I don't give out the names of my siblings either.

How long have they been on Quibblo? Do you remember the date that they joined without looking at their profile? About a year...maybe. 8-04-2012

Why are they on Quibblo? (i.e. quiz taking, quiz making, story writing, story reading, etc.) Writing, reading...and being friends with ME.

What is their favorite Quibblo story? To many to count. WHIF, Our group stories, and lots of others.

What is their favorite Quibblo quiz/ poll/ personality quiz/ survey/ etc.? (I'm looking for the name/title of it). Not sure....that's not really important is it?

Who's their favorite Quibblo author? (Optional). I can see it being Marco (AwesomeOK1), me (just kidding!)...and I'm not sure who else.

Have they been featured member before? Yes.

How many accounts have they had? If more than one, list the names below:
This one.
Another one...when she got grounded. Bwahahahaha! (it had something to do with Hunter Hayes).

What's their favorite season? Erm...I already TOLD you that. Summer.

What's their favorite food? McDonald's food! Okay, okay, I'm just kidding chica! I have nary a clue.

What state/country do they live in? (Optional) I'm not telling you that!

Do they play any sports? If yes, list them below. (Optional). Eh....I don't think so....

How long have you been friends? Since almost the beginning of my Quibblo days..

List five other things about your closest Quibblonian friend.

1. She's a FANTASTICAL writer!!
2. We can talk about pretty much anything...even crazy, wacko stuff.
3. She's splendid and quirky and awesome person to bounce ideas off of.
4. We have common music tastes
5. We can not talk for weeks and then just start talking again and it feels like no time has passed.

Love ya, chica!


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