read please.

Chapter 1

-.- people now in days

First of all I wanted to say................ I learned how to...................... bake....O.O yea i'm sill suprised. lol
I olny know how to make cupcakes XD. The first came out perfect but everyone took them before i could have finished my first. My friend's family wanted more so i made some more for my friends' birthday. yup i made cupcakes right after eachother

Now down to business
read kevin's story please. Kevin is a minion but in real life she's my sister XD lol I like her stories. If you read it and comment i will give you a cupcake that is near perfection, it was evenly burned on the bottom lol. that was the 2 batch by the way. Me and eva are goingt o go cry now because they were perfect till i tryed to make it more perfect


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