No One Knows (An Original Group Story)

No One Knows (An Original Group Story)

Enjoy! :)
This story is brought to you by myself, yutty, Beingdauntless, and ArtyFowl85.

Chapter 1

Introduction and Characters

by: Pierced_

Five teens live in a world where 24 hours a day out is night. In this world, they don't know what is going to happen when you step your foot out the door. It seems like nowhere is safe. In addition, this world is controlled by a boy known only as 'Master'. Everyone follows his orders unless they want to be taken to his castle, never to be seen again. 'Master' is nineteen years old, and is very powerful as a dark wizard. The worst part, however, he adores dolls and has the ability to turn people into dolls and can keep them in his castle forever. Only he can undo the charm, and whoever he turns, is a doll forever.
Can these teens save this once happy world from this dark ruler before they are frozen forever in a doll?


Name: Virginia Belle Callen
Nickname: Gina
Age: 16
Appearance: Wavy pale pink hair to her mid-back, emerald green eyes, slender, pale skin tone, slender, short (5' 2"), and petite. When she uses her power, her hair turns bright red and her eyes turn golden.
Personality: Kind, nervous outside her home, intelligent, creative, musical, curious, pure, easily scared, stubborn, sensitive, bookworm, polite, and modest.
Power: Can control fire.
Weapon Of Choice: Throwing knives. Sometimes she lights them on fire ;)
Rebel or Loyal: Rebel
Fears: Suffocation, drowning, being poisoned, spiders, losing the people she cares about, and blood.
Family: Dad (Isaac) disappeared when Virginia was four, Mom (Kathryn) is alive and takes care of the family, an older brother (Nathaniel, 19) who is overprotective of the family, and a younger sister (Lisa, 11).
Backstory: When Virginia was five, her father didn't return home after he claimed he was going to 'work'. She and her family were devastated, and filed to see Master. They were invited into his castle, and when Virgina's mother explained the situation, Master only said: "Oh, I am so sorry to hear that. I'm afraid there is nothing I can do." Ever since, Virginia has hated Master. But secretly, she is scared of his abilities.
Love Interest: Victor Lynn
Other: She can play the cello, and sometimes (accidentally) she burns or lights things on fire when she is angry.

Name: Victor Ross Lynn
Nickname: Vick
Age: 16
Appearance: Shiny dark blue hair that spikes upward, black eyes, tall, "ottermode" body type, naturally tan skin. When he is using his power, Victor's eyes go light blue, like pools and people seem to get hypnotised by that.
Personality: Quiet, calm when most aren't, brave, confident, cunning, smart, pretty friendly and kind if he likes you, though a bit moody, and tends to get mad randomly, sarcastic.
Power: Can control water.
Weapon of Choice: Two hooked swords
Rebel or Loyal: Loyal
Fears: Animals, fire, being weak, losing all power, mental pain.
Family: Dad (Ross), Mom (Karen) died when Victor was two. Older sister, Ariana (18), who's protective of Victor and older brother Beck (20).
Backstory: Grown up a pretty normal life, loving water and Master. He was taught that Master is godlike, mostly because they're distantly related. Mother died when he was two because of a disease.
Love Interest: Virginia Callen
Other: Good climber and swimmer, can play the guitar and the piano, and not as good, the harmonica.

Name: Rosalie Dawn Queen
Nickname: She hates nicknames so she's only called Madam Rosalie until she meets the other characters.
Age: 16
Appearance: Pretty gold hair, sapphire eyes, pale skin, hardly smiles, average height, and underweight.
Personality: Before she becomes a rebel she's very proper, polite, smart, bookworm, hates the rebels, very snooty, posh, and quiet. After she becomes a rebel she's rebellious, loud, crazy, sarcastic, always smiling, just the complete opposite of her old self.
Power: She can use force fields.
Weapon: Her staff which is deadlier than it seems or looks.
Rebel or Loyal: Was raised loyal but becomes a rebel which changes her dramatically.
Fears: Before she's a rebel: Heights, disobeying the Master, disapproval from her parents, losing her parents, and rebels. After: Heights and closed spaces
Family: Comes from a very rich family, only child, and her mom and dad are very strict and hate rebels.
Backstory: From one of the richest families after the Master, her parents taught her to love, fear, and respect the Master and hate the rebels. That is how she thinks until she witnesses the Master turn a little girl into a doll since she bumped into the Master. After that she's really frightened of the Master, but then meets Oscar Mackintosh, whose a rebel, and he changes her so much and they fall for each other.
Love Interest: Oscar Mackintosh
Other: She can play the violin, piano, harp, and flute, uses her powers to her ability all of the time, and she has an arranged marriage with the Master himself and was one of the biggest reasons why she ran away since she loves the male character and she hates the Master.

Name: Oscar Mackintosh
Nickname: Oz
Age: 17
Appearance: Curly black hair that covers his eyes with green tips, emerald green eyes, pale, freckles, tall and very skinny, rounded glasses
Personality: Quiet and a loner, he thinks a lot as well as being a bookworm, and may seem cold and unfeeling, but he's funny and sarcastic as hell.
Power: He's what people call a Dreamcaster; he can summon up things from his imagination and draw portals to where he chooses using his pencil.
Weapon Of Choice: He may be a lover, not a fighter, but that doesn't stop him from having a pretty wicked weapon. He may seem defenseless, but the pen in his pocket has an extendable blade, turning into a thin but pretty awesome-looking sword.
Rebel or Loyal: Rebel
Fears: As well as being extremely claustrophobic, Ozzie has a deathly fear of spiders. He also has terrible nightmares about drowning, so he tends to avoid water when possible.
Family: He looks after his little sister, Everest. Everest may be seven, but she's very smart, and can always tell what someone is feeling.
Backstory: His family went on a sailing trip when he was 9 and Ev was only 1, and the boat 'mysteriously' sank. His parents were rebels, so he blames the Master, which is why he's a rebel.
Love Interest: Rosalie Queen
Other: He loves to write stories, and he wrote down this adventure, so his chapters will always be in the third person. Also, he loves listening to music, which is what drew him to Rosalie.

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