Deleting Friends

You have no idea how bad I feel about this...

Chapter 1

Listen up, mofos!!!!!

So basically, I had an epiphany a while ago. And now I'm acting on it. Suck it, a-ssholes!

I realised that I don't want a hundred-something friends that I've never spoken to. I rather have twenty friends that I'm actually friends with. Because seriously, when I look through my friends list, half the time I'm like "Who the fvck is this cvnt?! I've never heard of them in my life!! The hell they doing on my friends list?!"

So, if we've spoken before, and we get on, or I know for a fact that you're a good writer/quizmaker and I want to read/take more of your stuff, then you're sticking around. But if we don't share any of the same interests, you don't create stuff, or we've never spoken before in our lives, then you'll probably be losing a friend. BUT YOU HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING WRONG!!!!!! IT'S ALL MY FAULT!!!! DON'T FEEL BAD IF I UNFRIEND YOU!!!!!!

But if you want to stay on my friends list, then you better get messaging me right away. Make friends with me to stay as one of my friends.

I'm sorry if this causes any bad feelings between us. :(

Thank you for reading,


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