"I may have started at the beginning but will I ever meet and end? What if you were frozen, in the middle of life?"


Chapter 3

Book Of Vampires (This is just explaining some stuff)

by: Bella91
The Choosing:

The choosing is one of the most important part of a newborn's life. It is the ceremony held after they have finished their schooling in a vampiric school.

A choosing ceremony is usually held in a large hall or in a large forest clearing. If it is being held in a hall their must be a place where the moon can been seen at it highest point, but if in a forest clearing, it doesn't really matter. Some schools hold their choosings in a hall, but it is said that vampire become stronger when chosen out in nature.

In a choosing all student will stand under the full moon's light for a few minutes, after a few minutes some vampires will start to be chosen. When being chosen they will walk out of formation, and run quickly to the area provided, (In halls usually behind curtains, but in forest just behind some thick trees), then they will spend a few more minutes back their while they are being transformed, and while others begin to be chosen. Then after all graduating students have being chosen they will walk out, first the Flame Vampires, then the Diamond Vampires, then the Modern Vampires, then finally the High Vampires. Then they will continue their procession once around the clearing/hall finally back to the provided area for each type of vampire.

In the area provided for the students to change they are each given a charm, (on a necklace, for girls and on a chain, for boys). The Flame Vampires are given the Flame Charm, which is a golden locket with a ruby inside. The Diamond Vampires are given the Diamond Charm, which is a silver locket with a pice of diamond inside. They High Vampires are given a High Charm, which is a golden locket with a emerald inside. And Modern Vampires are given a Vampiric Charm, which is a silver locket with a Indian sapphire inside.

Flame Charm:

Diamond Charm:

High Charm:

Vampiric Charm:

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