"I may have started at the beginning but will I ever meet and end? What if you were frozen, in the middle of life?"


Chapter 2

Book Of Vampires (This is just explaining some stuff)

by: Bella91
How Vampires Evolved:

Evolution from Flame Vampire:
The very first type of vampire, the Flame Vampire, was hunted and burnt in sunlight, but a few spent time in sunnier areas, which turned the burning in to rashes, others hid for their whole lives, that is why we still have a few Flame Vampires left.

Flame Vampires which swam when the sun was out became Diamond Vampires, because the water because part of their skin, causing light to turn in to a spectrum and reflect off skin.

Flame Vampires which just spent time in sunnier areas but did not try and cool the burning by swimming, evolved to be High Vampires.

Flame Vampires which were immune to burning are called Gothic Vampires.

How Were Modern Vampires Created?
Modern Vampires were created from High Vampires, who were chosen not to rule*. They were sent off to live their life normally.

*Now all High Vampires are accepted in to the High Coven, because not as many High Vampires are being chosen.

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