Book of rants, reposts and other stuff :)

Chapter 1

First repost

Without looking, what's your Quibblonian best friend's username? arrowshooter22

Do you know your first top friend's (real) name? If so, what is it? (Second question is optional) Emily, but I call her Emmy :)

How old are they? Well, her account says 17

When is their birthday? (Optional) Idk

What is their favorite color? Um, light blue is one

What is their favorite song? One is 22 by Taylor Swift

Who is their favorite singer/band? Think it's Taylor Swift

What's their favorite season? Fall

What is their favorite quote? Never told me

How many family members do they have? I think 5

Do they have any siblings? If so, please list the names of the siblings below.

How long have they been on Quibblo? Do you remember the date that they joined without looking at their profile? I dunno....

Why are they on Quibblo? (i.e. quiz taking, quiz making, story writing, story reading, etc.) Pretty sure it's for all of the above :)

What is their favorite Quibblo story? Idk

What is their favorite Quibblo quiz/ poll/ personality quiz/ survey/ etc.? (I'm looking for the name/title of it) Idk again

Who's their favorite Quibblo author? (Optional) I still don't know XD

Have they been featured member before? I think so...

How many accounts have they had? If more than one, list the usernames below. 1

What's their favorite season? Fall

What's their favorite food? Em, what food do you like?

What state/country do they live in? (Optional) Pennsylvania, according to her account

Do they play any sports? If yes, list them below. (Optional) I don't know

How long have you been friends? Like a month

List five other things about your closest Quibblonian friend
1. She likes wolves
2. She changes her username a lot
3. She likes Evanescence
4. She has a unicorn named Mango
5. She was once really popular

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