Message to all friends!!

Hi, my name is Chandler. I'm posting this on behalf of Rain.

Chapter 1

. . .

Dear Quibblo family,
I know its been a long time but a lot has been going on. Some good, some bad. Lets go through the bad first. First off I’m grounded, which explains why haven't been online. The second on doesn’t suck that much, but we will get into the reasons why it doesn’t suck later. Remember my wonderful UCLA footballing first ever and supposed to be my last boyfriend? Well, he isn’t anymore. After he got back from jail(YES JAIL! he was arrested for fighting a cop, after getting into a fight at a party w/ his friends, anyways) he only texted me at work and never at home, which lead me to believe he had another girl at his place. Soon his messages stopped coming in and i was basically dumped without being told. One day he finally did text me, but it was to join a topless site, which was not okay w/ me. SO most likely hes dating a girl from there.
Okay lets recap, I’m grounded, bored as hell(and if u know me this usual), and my ex is a douche. You might think that my life is completely ruined and I'm going crazy from all of this and being away from y’all, but I'm not.
And the reason for that is an amazing man by the name Chandler. and yes i bold faced MAN because that's the thing, Hesson wasn't a man. He was just some childish player. Now Chandlers waaay different. Hes sweet, funny, an adorable dork(hes my dork and I'm the only one who can call him that), loves Doritos(my fave chips), love mountain dew(one of my fave sodas), a great writer, many other things that i cant think of, and he really loves me! He even gave me a new nickname! hes just so loving and calm and sweet! HE makes me feel so beautiful and loved! whenever I’m angry, sad or feeling fat, hes there to make me feel better. Even better then better, WHOLE! hes my other half and i know I've said this before, but hes definitely made for me. Hes perfect! and the best hes the best thing that's ever happened in my life! But i guess that's just wraps up the last couple of months up.
I love y’all and miss y’all! Ill get chandler to post for me. If you want you can tell chandler anything you want to tell me hell send me the message I'm sure! again i love y’all and ill try to keep you up to date.
Love Rain

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