In Autumn Fields and Gentle Foothills

In Autumn Fields and Gentle Foothills

I wrote this for the Quibblo Writing Contest #27. Please rate and comment! I hope you like it!

Chapter 1

My Autum Poem.

by: Cinderkit
In the autumn fields
and gentle foothills
mingled with the browning grass
flowers are withering
should my love too, fall into despair?
or shall we meet again?

As night approaches,
there is darkness in the foothills
where the deer cry out
and in their voices calling
is it autumn on the wane?

There in the gentle foothills, and
in the dew drops of the mountains,
soaked, and weary,
For you I waited
For you I grew wet from standing there
in the dew drops of the mountains.

And in the forest
under the dense, brown trees
the leaves fell to their end
but between the falling leaves
glimpsed a speck of silver snow
like those glimpses of you
in the gentle foothills.

The inspiration for writing this is mostly just from the fact that autumn/fall is my favorite season. All of the leaves changing color is so beautiful and the weather is so nice. I love to take long walks outside during autumn. :) Also, I love romance and writing about love so in this poem I imagined a man waiting for his true love as the season changed to fall.

I don't really have a single poet, or even a few that I would name. The way I write poems comes from all of the famous poets we had to read in our English classes growing up. I'm sure you remember who they all are. :P


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