Autumn Has Begun

Well I was having a look through Quibblos profile page (But totally not in the creepy stalker way O.O) and I noticed that another poetry contest is been held. YAY! :D

As I love poetry I thought I would have a crack at it.

Hope you all enjoy it and don't forget to rate, comment with your thoughts and pass it around. :)

Chapter 1

Autumn Has Begun

by: Bye_Bye_
Autumn is fast approaching,
Goodbye to summers heat,
Closing in to winter,
This time of year is hard to beat.

Leaves start to fall,
Slowly to the ground,
Soon the color of green leaves,
Will be nowhere to be found.

Night starts to approach,
Faster than before,
The days are getting shorter,
Leaving people craving more.

The weather is now perfect,
Warm with a chilly breeze,
Not hot enough to make you burn,
And not cold enough to make you freeze.

Kids start to jump,
In the leaves that surround,
Laughing and playing,
Not a sad soul to be found.

The site of autumn,
Is a peaceful one indeed,
It makes people stop,
And allows their worries to be freed.

So take a look around you,
Just enjoy the fun,
Take a deep breath in,
Autumn has begun.

(I was basically inspired to write this poem because of the WC27 been held. I made an image up in my mind of what I wanted to describe and tried to show how peaceful and beautiful I think Autumn is, fingers crossed it came out right. :)

A poem that I enjoy reading would be: It isn't exactly the original poem as the poet has changed it a lot but I love it none the less! Y'all should check it out, it is awesome!

One poet I enjoy would be: Her poems are amazing, although she hasn't uploaded any to Quibblo yet she has sent me some via messages. Fingers crossed she uploads them soon so all of you can get to enjoy her gorgeous poems as well! :D

Another poet I adore would be: His poems are to awesome for words! And they are always truthful. :)

As the intro says, please give your opinions via comments or votes..... Or both. ;) )


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