Taken (a One Direction fanfic)

As Louis and Liam start to come into the group of best friends Miranda, Anna, Zayn, Niall, and Harry new sides are taken and new relationships form. What will happen in the end?

Chapter 1


by: Mawandah
"Hey what about this one?" Anna, my best friend, holds up a shirt that is blue and has ruffles. "That's perfect! Now lets go check out!" I answer. As we walk to the counter I see this really cute boy who goes to my school. His name is Louis. Wait, what am I doing? I'm dating Zayn. No this isn't good. Louis winks at me and I smile. "What are you doing?" Anna questions and stares at me astonished. "Just saying hi. That's all. Don't worry me and Zayn are good." I assure. "Ok just checking"
We walk out the store and I see a shadow behind me. I turn around and I see Zayn coming towards my cheek. He kisses it and asks "How are you doing, beautiful?" "Better now that you're here!" I reply. He grabs my hand and we smile and continue walking to my car. "Hey, where's Niall?" Anna starts to blush as she asks. "Oh, he is at the store getting food for the BBQ tonight. He told me not to tell you this but he misses you" Zayn answers, while smirking. Anna sneaks a smile on her face and blushes. Zayn opens the car door for me then runs to the other side to open it for Anna. We say thank you at the same time. We always do that. It's like our minds are one. Zayn hops in the back and we start down the road. "Hey what about Starbucks?" I ask. See, I have an obsession with Starbucks. And Arizona tea. Like its my drug. "Sure!" They both say. As we drive up to the window to pay I see a guy with curly hair. "Hey Harry!! Whats up? I didn't know you worked here!!" All four of us talk on and off for like 20 minutes. Another car gets mad and lays on the horn full force non stop. I drive to the next window. I grab the stuff and we head down the road again.

(How do you guys like it? Its my first Fanfic so yeah.. Plz no hate but tell me what you do and don't like! ~Miranda)

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