The Angel Variable

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Chapter 6


by: Hush_Hush
I was looking out the window, eyes zooming back and fourth taking in everything. But then I felt the yellow taxi stop with a small jolt. "Rosa, let's go"

"What?", I muttered sleepily. "Rosa! We are at Halo Road"

"Ok", I said getting up from my seat and then hopped out of the cab, "Where first?"

"Lets see", she said while pulling out a long list from her black handbag, "Clothing. causal clothes, formal clothes, shoes, sneakers", and she muttered a few other clothing items under her breath, "Lets start with clothes!"

"Sure", she loved shopping, especially shopping for clothes.

"Ok", she said while she started to looked at the shops around us, "Let's see what's in there", she pointed at a nice looking shop with a large white sign with bright pink font with read 'Neon Sky'

I followed my mum across the road, entered the store. I was greeted by a tall, blonde girl, who was wearing a short neon green dress, with black heels, "Hello, anything you were looking for today?"

"Um, yeah, just some clothes", I said awkwardly. She looked at me like I had just said "I'll just have pizza", at a pizza bar.

"Ok...Well I'll leave you to look around", then she walked off but just hovered around five meters behind me so she could comment on and promote all of the clothes.

My mum pulled out a white peplum shirt, "This would look nice on you!"

"Yeah", then she handed it to me, starting a pile in my hands.


Soon, I had a large pile of dresses, shorts, leggings, peplum shirts, a few jackets, a coat and jeans. My mum and I walked to the counter, and took our bags and walked out.

"Where next?", I asked.

"There", the said and started walking towards a small light blue shop, with a hanging sign which said 'Solud'.

I entered the shop and started to look at the shoes next to the door. "Any you like?", my mum asked.

"These are really cool", I said handing her a pair of black boots with studs and a band with a buckle just below the ankle. "Ok"

"And these are awesome!", I had just found another pair of shoes, but these ones were black, wedge heels. "Ok, is this all ,Rosa?"

"Um", I said taking a look around the shoes quickly, "What about these two?", I handed her a pair of vintage, charcoal, lace-up almost-hiking boots, and then a pair of black, not-quite-knee-high, black boots which are folded over at the top.

Shortly, I had lots of boots, a few heels, a pair of flats, two tank tops and a jacket in my hands, and my mum was holding a lot black coat. We paid for them then left the store.


After being to many stores, and putting our bags back in the cab, it was time to buy the items we could not purchase in the human realm. "Where's a good place to get angelic items?", my mum asked the taxi driver.

"Let's see", he said after taking a sip of his coffee, "Well there's Halo Mall which is just down the road, there's also Altyre Crescent"

"Ok, what about Altyre Crescent"


A few minutes later we were in a cobblestoned street with small italian-looking shops lining the street. "What do we need from here, mum?"

"Lots of things", then she looked at the driver, "We'll be back in a while"

We hopped out of the cab and walked into the closest store, I didn't get to see the name, but when I walked in I saw angelic dresses everywhere.

"Welcome to Valkyrie", a girl a few years older than me, with red velvet coloured hair, said, "What would you like today?"

I opened my mouth, but my mum answered for me, "Two gowns for Rosa"

The girl looked at me, and said, "Ok follow me", I walked over to her and she took me to a rack with long floor length white dresses.

"Ok, try this one on", she handed me a a long white dress, with two wide straps and a wide band, made of the same silky, white fabric, around the waist, "Try this one too", this dress was over one shoulder and tight around on side, "Oh and this was would look perfect", the last one had no straps, a wide golden stitched area at the top of my ribs, then it loosely flowed to the ground with a train.

I tried all of them on, but the middle one didn't look good on me, it hung weirdly around my waist.

My mum paid for the first and the last dress. Then we walked out of the shop, to the shop next to it. There we brought a small golden harp.


After around half an hour of buying all of my angelic needs we finally hopped in the cab. "Ok last stop, to Scardale", my mum said to the driver.

"Only around twenty minutes", he said, then drove off.

Twenty minutes till my life would change, twenty minutes till I would see the place I would be spending the rest of the year, twenty minutes till my future rested in my hands.

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