The Angel Variable

Credit for the title goes to Startfree (

Chapter 3


by: Hush_Hush
After what seemed like forever, I had finally finished packing. I had used up two suitcases for clothes, a computer case for my laptop, and a duffel bag for a few other items.

I slowly lugged all of my bags down the stairs and met my mum in the kitchen. "When do we leave?", I asked.

"Tomorrow", that was so soon, so soon to leave the life I knew, "We'll arrive early in the morning, do some shopping for school supplies, not available here, and then I'll drop you off"

"Ok. Wait how so we get to Salva?"

"I open up a portal", she said fairly calmly. How could she open up a portal?, I thought. It is hard enough to be an angel, and then to have your mum being an angel, and her being a powerful light angel. It is hard to comprehend.

I walk up the stairs to my room, and sat on my bed. This will be my last night here. I was used to moving, but it still hit me a little bit each time. I had moved house one before this, when my mum and dad divorced, and I moved in with just my mum. And I had also moved schools a lot before, whenever I became to close to someone, just of the brink of becoming a friend, I had to move, I would endanger myself, and them, by even telling them that I was different.

I quickly got up from my bed and moved to my large, bay window. I sat in the cushioned area, looking about of the darkening sky. Purples, pinks, oranges, blues, blacks, they all scattered the sky, making it look beautiful. I had witnessed storms, hail, rain, shine, snow, rainbows, sunrises, sunsets and nights all from this same window, all had been beautiful, all had been special, all I have remembered. And I will remember my last night in my human masquerade, my last night in my human house, my last night pretending, my last night here.

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