The Angel Variable

Credit for the title goes to Startfree (

Chapter 2


by: Hush_Hush
"Well, it's a boarding school, it has lots of opportunities, they have angelic choir", I sit there and listen as my mum goes on about my new school, but not going one about it in a bad way, but in a good way I am interested in the place I will spend the rest of my school, I mean who wouldn't be, "It has really good sporting options like pegasus riding or flying races, they have a harp ensemble, it's in Salva. It's really pretty in Salva, I went to school at Scardale, and it's just a beautiful in Salva as it is in Heaven!"

Wow, I thought, mum rarely compares things to the beauty of Heaven, this place must be amazing. My mum was the only person I knew who actually has seen Heaven, as a light angel, she can go up there as much as she wants, while I may never see the beauty of Heaven.

"Mum", I questioned, "Where is Salva? I've never heard of it, is it around where we live?"

"Um, not exactly, Salva is like, um, another dimension, like Heaven, I guess"

"Wow!", not only was I moving schools, and living at this school, I was going to live in another dimension.

"Oh and, honey, your going to have to fill out this", she said handing my a piece of paper with questions written on it.

"Ok, I'll do it now, do you have a pen?"

"Sure", she said handing me a pen. "Thanks mum", and then I ran up two flights of stairs to my attic bedroom.

I sat down at my wooden desk and looked at the paper. Student information, I read in my head, Full name? Rosaline Ambrose. Age? 15. Birthdate? 21st of October, 1998. Dorm preferences? Not too many people.

Quick and simple, great. I took an envelope out of one of my draws and slipped the sheet inside. Then, I heard my mum call "Rosa!"

"Yes", I called back.

"Start packing!"


"If you need another suit case I have one down here"

"Ok, thanks", I called then I turned to my wardrobe and opened my suitcase. This is going to take a while.

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