The Angel Variable

Credit for the title goes to Startfree (

Chapter 1


by: Hush_Hush
A bird's song awakes me from my deep sleep. My blue eyes flutter open and I see the light shining in through my window. five more minutes, I think, yes, five minutes can't hurt, I take a quick look at my clock to the time, five past seven, ok, just five minutes, just five minutes, just five minutes, the thought repeats in my mind as I drift back to sleep.

Ok, that was all I needed, five minutes, I think as my I pull my covers off me. I stretch out my arms, then I slowly slide over the edge of my bed, landing on my feet, and glance at the clock, quarter to nine, I think as start to walk to my door, ok, what am I doing today?, I spend a few seconds pondering about my schedule for today before I practically scream, "I'm late for school!"

I race to my wardrobe and pic out a pair of black leggings, a white, slightly oversized, knitted jumper, and a pair of black boots with a small heel. I throw off my pyjamas and quickly put on my clothes.

Then I quickly run out the door, listening the rhythmic click of my boot heels hitting the ground, and race down the stairs from my attic room, to the second level then the ground level. "Mum", I call, "Mum!", I call a bit louder. "Yes Rosa?"

"Where are you?"

"The kitchen", I walk to the kitchen and find my mum sitting there on a stool, next to the kitchen island, in a white dress with her long blonde hair tied up, and her hand gently stirring a cup of herbal tea. "Mum! I am so late for school, why didn't you wake me up?"

"You mean Rosepark High? Oh no, honey, you don't go to that school anymore"

"What", I was shocked, just yesterday I was at Rosepark, and now today I was pulled out of school, "You pulled me out of Rosepark?"

"Yes", she said calmly, "You are going to apply at Scardale Academy"

"Do I get a say in this?"


"But my friends", I never had any friends at Rosepark, "I loved the classes", that was a lie too, the classes were annoying and not helping my academics at all, "The opportunities there were amazing!", that one was just another lie as well, Rosepark had barely any opportunities.

"Honey, I can tell when you are lying. Rosepark has no opportunities for an angel, you are too smart for what they are teaching you, and you never had any friends"

That coming from my mum wasn't mean, no matter how harsh it sounded, it was just stating facts, but not even in a mean way. I was prohibited from having any close human friends, incase I felt the need to tell them I was an angel.

"Rosa, honey", my mum said, "Scardale is specially for angels, you wouldn't have to hide"


"No", she cut me off, "It would be so much better for you at Scardale"

"But, I might not fit in"

"Honey", she laughed, "You would fit in better than at Rosepark, everyone would be an angel, even the teachers, you would go to angelic classes, and learn about angel history. Everyone would be and angel, like you"

"Fine", I said sucking up my pride, "Tell me about the school"

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