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Chapter 1


Yes, I'm known for being a rebel and breaking my own rules, (though technically I'm not breaking any rules since I made them) but this time, I don't have a set number of authors I need. :D So, though it's not first-come-first-serve, I'll allow any number of sign-ups, then decide who I'm gonna have write.

Now, you're probably wondering what the plot is. The main word here is SUPERHEROES, so if you don't like it, kindly exit the story. Here it is:

You know how superheroes are supposed to be good and save everyone and fight evil and stuff? What if the superheroes were the reason of Earth's destruction? What if when they got their powers, it messed with everything on the planet, and every time they used those powers, the Earth got destroyed a little more? But they don't know that they're the reason this is happening, of course. And all while they're trying to figure out why the Earth keeps getting worse and worse, an evil grows inside of the planet, slowly eating its way out. Soon, it'll be strong enough that everyone will be doomed with no way to save themselves...

So the final question remains: What if they end up destroying everyone and everything when they're just trying to help and save everyone, you know, since that's what a superhero's job is! And what will become of this evil, which is just another problem for the heroes to face?

Here's you sign up sheet:

Age: (10-30)
Superhero Name (if they want one):
How Power Damages Earth:

Give me some creative, yet useful powers. If you tell me that your character can turn a light on and off, I probably won't accept you. And limit to ONE POWER PER CHARACTER. Maybe you can have a minor power that results from the main power, but no more than two minor powers. Also, how your power damages the Earth needs to actually link with your character's power. For example, if your character's power is throwing fire, it would make no sense if you said that giant holes appeared in the ground because of him/her throwing fire. But if you said wildfires appeared in forests and came close to impossible to put out, that would make a lot more sense.

Questions, comments, and concerns below, please, and I hope you sign up! :D

~ Lexi :)

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