The Sun Goes Down (A Short Story)

Chapter 1

And We Won't See it Come Up Again

Technology improvements can be useful. They have helped us obtain the best of advantages. Many who have suffer from a disease can now be cured; some are even immune to illness. Though some is not all; some is a mere fraction of the world. "Some" is used to describe the diseases of which can be cured. And so, those with the diseases that do not fall into that category are left to rely on hope; the small fraction of it that remains when they are aware of their condition.

The results of improved technology have, for the past years, mainly resulted in positive outcomes. Never has one been so devastatingly negative as the All Crystal Eye Project, put into action on December 15th, 2020.

The original goal of the All Crystal Eye project was to develop a serum in which, when injected into a human, would give someone vision sharper than ever possible before; Better than the usual best-standard vision, twenty-twenty; about fifty times greater than that. The serum was to be injected into everyone in the United Sates on December 18th, three days after it was officially stated that the government was going through with the plan; At 12:30 P.M (For all time zones), you were to report to the hospital closest to you.

The doctors and patients alike were unaware that something had gone wrong with the serum. It was only after the death of over 1,000 people did they realize that one of the scientists who developed the serum accidentally mixed up two chemicals.

This mistake caused people to slowly loose their vision; it got worse and worse, and within a week, caused blindness. Furthermore, anyone with the rare blood type B negative would die from an incurable infection of the circulation system, also within a week. The infection would slow down the pumping of blood to the heart, and on the seventh day, cause death. It had brought up the term, "The Deathly Seven."

A day after the injection, when papers all over the country had released the news of the serum's effect on the human eyes, Alexander Winstead and his girlfriend, Melissa Anderson, had come up with a plan to deal with the tragedy. Starting that day, Melissa and Alexander would visit six of what they believed would be the most amazing places in the world. They made a list, number one being the first place they would visit, number six being the last.

1. Rome, Italy
2. Paris, France
3. The Grand Canyon
4. London, England
5. Egypt, Africa
6. Niagara Falls, Canada

Though their vision got worse after each day, the wonderful places Melissa and Alexander saw almost made up for that; it was like it didn't matter. The sun goes down, and though it would be blurred, they would see it set over and over again. And so, it didn't matter until December 23rd, when the U.S. was told about the serum's affect on blood type B negative.

Melissa was crying when Alexander had told her about his infection. Even if they did go blind eventually, even if they would no longer see the sun go down in a few days' time, they would still be able to be around each other. But Alexander would not just go blind, he would come to his death.

Visiting Egypt was certainly not as fun for Melissa and Alexander as the visiting the previous locations was, but as the bright, orange sun went down, they decided that Niagara Falls, the last visit, would be the best. Because Alexander would die by the end of that day, making the best of it was essential.

Melissa and Alexander sat by the waterfalls on December 24th in silence, listening to the crashing sound of the water splashing against the rocks. They kissed eachother for a last time. After pulling apart, a tear gently rolled down Melissa's face when she looked at whatever she could see in her boyfriend's face. Alexander was suffering from the infection.

The sky became orange, and Alexander smiled weakly. Melissa smiled in return. However, their smiling only lasted for a few minutes; Alexander gripped his heart, and collapsed; Tears erupted from Melissa's face, although she barely saw what happened.

She quickly got up and picked a couple of flowers from the ground, not caring which they were. All she wanted was to put meaning into her boyfriend's death.

Melissa placed the flowers on top of Alexander's still body, and, while looking at the sun setting in the distance, whispered, "Merry Christmas, Alexander." Then, as if the words had been some sort of cue, her vision had completely disappeared.

Humans are no longer able to see the sun. Humans have risen to the very top, excelling in life, but are now impaired by a loss of vision; after all, what comes up must come down. The sun goes down.


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