How to Get More Friends on Quibblo

New members on Quibblo ask this question every day, so I hope this post helps everyone add to their Friends list!

Chapter 1

Add to Your "Friends" List

by: Quibblo
One of the first questions that new members on Quibblo often ask is how to get more friends. Usually, they'll create stories or notes asking others to "Friend me!" A better approach is to aggressively send friend requests rather than asking others to friend you.

Here are some tips:

* Check out the daily Featured Member on the home page of Quibblo (on the bottom right side) and send them friend requests.

* Check out Quibblo's top 12 friends and the top 12 friends of each of your friends, and send them friend requests. If you've chosen your friends well, you'll probably like their friends, too.

* Use the Quibblo search box to search for topics you like, change the "Recency" to "week," and check out the users who have recently posted quizzes or stories about the things that interest you. For instance, if you like Harry Potter, you'll probably like these posts: ( Send friend requests to all the creators.

* Promote your work on any other site of which you are a member, such as YouTube, Facebook, Polyvore, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest. Your non-Quibblo friends may decide to join Quibblo and then you can send them friend requests.

Good luck!


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