Dark born from Light

In every person, the evil darkness lurks. We all have madness, no matter how far you have to look. In some part of each mind, a sadistic side sleeps. Some freely except this and give into it.
I am one of those people and this is my story.

Chapter 5

The day I run

I remember that day so clearly. It had filled me with a sense of freedom. I was exhilarated. I could have danced with all the joy I felt now that I father could no longer hurt me.

The day had seemed so average. I left for school, mom watching me as usual. Making sure I didn't do anything to wake dad up. Otherwise he would get cranky and give me some new bruises for school. That's why I skipped breakfast and just ran off to the bus stop. Where I would sit in the back and look out the window. The skies were grey that morning.

I went through my classes, pushed and shoved a couple time. Had a lunch with the pleasant company of my books. Then sat in the back of the bus again, forgotten and alone while the other students chatted. One of the reason's they left me be was because of how quiet I was. Even before being beaten, I was always thinking which led to me being quiet. Not many people bothered with trying to friend me. Not like I cared either way.

But this day, when I returned home from school, the house was quiet. The lights were off. Mother just sat on the couch. Looking worse than she had eve been before. Usually she would respond to my arrival and send me to my room to await for when dad returned. Now, she was just unresponsive. It scared me, to see that. I didn't know what it meant, but it couldn't be good.

I decided to hide away. In my special spot that only I knew about. So I grabbed a few apples and went to hide. Dad wouldn't find me tonight.

When I finally heard the car and the loud noise he makes when he slams open the door, I knew he was home. I could here my mom's screams. It was normal though. Nothing different. It eventually quieted and I waited more till I was sure they were asleep. I snuck upstairs and got ready for bed. Putting on an old nightgown that had a few holes in it.

I think I had about an hour of sleep before I was awoken. It was my mom. Screaming again. I went downstairs to figure out why they were fighting so late at night. When I arrived at the living room, I could just make out there shadowy figures. It looked like mom had a suit case.

Had she finally decided to leave? She had always threatened by I had never thought she had the backbone to actually go. I could tell dad was angry with her. I snuck closer, not sure what to do. I made sure he couldn't see me.

I don't remember exactly what they were saying, there arguments always sounded the same to me. This one was different. It looked like dad really didn't want her to leave. I could see the knife in his hands. When he had picked it up, I don't know.

Mom saw it too, she gasped and tried to pull away from him. Dad smiled. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her close. "You are not going to leave, tonight or any night. You and Cheri will stay with me forever." I watched the knife sink into mom's stomach. Blood poured from the wound. She coughed, her hands clawing at the knife, trying to remove it.

I couldn't breathe, watching this. All I could do was stair. Dad cut her up, more than what he typically did to me. Covering the room in red. He smiled the entire time. It was a madman's smile.

After he cleaned the knife, he simply stretched. Then he started talking. At first, I though he had found me and wanted me to do something. Eventually I discovered he was only talking to himself. About how he was going to make sure we all stayed together. No matter what the pain it would cost. He just wanted us to be a happy, normal family. Like we had been before they knew how smart I was.

He left somewhere, to the garage, I believe. When he left, I found my way to mom. I guess some part of me wanted to see if she was dead. Whether if I wanted her to be or not was a different story.

But her face was peaceful, despite all the bloody gashes. Her eyes were closed and she wasn't breathing. I didn't want to touch her, but I had to. Just to make sure she really wasn't sleeping. But there was no heartbeat. And I did feel a sadness. Though she was cruel, she was still my mom. I had loved her, even if it had dwindled. But I didn't cry for her. I left the house. Running fast. Finding my way through the forest with ease.

I knew the way around. I had run through here many times after school so no one would find me. The quiet of the forest was always calming. Tonight was no different and I climbed a familiar tree. My only choice would be to sleep here. No going back home. Not when daddy was like this. Not when he had killed mom.

In the morning was when I saw the fire. Smoke rising. I guess that was what he meant when he said we would stay together. Had he even looked to make sure I was still there? Or had he believed me to just be too loyal to betray him?

Either way, I would never see them again, nor would they see me. To Hell they went, and to Hell they would stay. I guess that's where I'm going too. After all, I have killed so many others. Mostly just men. Men like my father. All of them either cruel, useless, or just stupid. Who's lives had no meaning and weren't needed. Maybe that is why I will die. Because I am now just useless, stupid, and cruel. All are true for someone like me.

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