The stories for my quiz 'Which Akatsuki Member Are You?'

The stories for my quiz 'Which Akatsuki Member Are You?'

Chapter 3


by: ExShinobi

Hidan, at 3:00 in the morning, sleepily shuffled through the corriders of the Akatsuki hideout. Have been woken up by Kakuzu mysteriously slapping him in the face with a nice sized wad of cash, Hidan had gotten up to go to the bathroom before going back to, and I quote, "sleepy time".
Hidan made a left turn down the dark hallway, and heard a scraping noise. He stopped, and almost- don't tell him I told you this- too scared, he turned around. There was a rectangular hole, due to the door being open, that led into a room full of darkness. Hidan heard the scratching noise again.
"Hello?" He said with false bravado.
Hidan jumped five feet in the air. "Who's there?" He asked, fear creeping into his vice.
A low sadistic chuckle emitted from the darkness. Pein slowly faded into the light and stopped just outside the dark room.His face was pale and his eyes were dull and faded. He lifted up his hand and pointed it at Hidan.
"Hidan," He whispered, his voice lifeless like death itself. Hidan took a step back and hit the wall expecting Pein to kill him in the most painful way, his eyes went wide and his mouth opened from shock. "Hidan, I am God...." Hidan stopped from being about to scream. Everything went quiet.
"In the name of Jashin... BEGONE SATAN!!!" Hidan screamed as he chased after Pein in anger.

-=-=- The End -=-=-

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