The stories for my quiz 'Which Akatsuki Member Are You?'

The stories for my quiz 'Which Akatsuki Member Are You?'

Chapter 2


by: ExShinobi

"LOOK! LOOK!" Tobi squeals as he runs into the bathroom. "TOBI'S A GOOD BOY!"
"TOBI GET OUT!!!!!" Deidara yells from behind the curtain as he rinses out his expensive new shampoo. His hands appear from behind the curtain and his hands spit out clay. Throwing them at Tobi's feet He yells 'GET OUT NOW!!!!"

"AHHH I'LL BE WAITING SEMPAI!!" Tobi screams as he runs out of the bathroom. Five minutes later Deidara walks into his room wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. He walks over to his dresser and rummages around for boxers. Someone clears their throat behind him causing Deidara to jump and spin around. There, on his bed, sits Tobi, and on his lap, sits an orange and black fox.
"What the hell Tobi?!?!" Deidara yells as he makes furious hand gestures at the fox.
"Tobi's a good boy. Tobi Caught Kyubi." Tobi says proudly as he holds the small fox dangling from his hands. Deidara looks at the fox, then to Tobi, who's still smiling proudly. Deidara narrows his eyes in skepticism, and looks back at the fox. Specifically, it's one tail. Not nine tails, not even eight and three quarters tail. but one tail. Tobi cuddles the 'Kyubi' to his chest in happiness as Deidara continues to look at its tail.
"Tobi, this isn't the kyubi you idiot. This is just a stupid mangy fox." He says as he puts his hands on his hips. The fox growls at him. Deidara glares back at it. Tobi tilts the foxes head towards him.
"No Deidara-Sempai, this is to the nine tails." He says victoriously.
"Look at the filthy things tail." The fox growls again. "As in singular, not plural. We need plural, but we have singular."
Tobi looks at the tail as if eight more will pop up next to the one like daisies.
"Maybe they were removed as to not raise suspicion!" Tobi exclaims. Deidara shakes his head.
"Go take the flea infested mongrel back in the gutter where you found it." Deidara says. The foxes hackles raise as a low growl emits from it's throat. It's eyes narrow into a cold calculating glare, and it's ears lay flat against it's head.
"But Sempai, I'm tired!" Tobi complains as he lays down on Deidara's bed.
"Fine I'll take it!!" Deidara fumes as he snatches the hateful fox out of his grasp. As soon as the fox is roughly pulled to his chest, the fox unleashes it's hell. It twists around, growling and snarling, as it snaps at Deidaras face.
"EEEEEE!" He squaels- I mean lets out a very manly yell- as he falls onto the floor. The fox jumps back onto him. Deidara holds it back as he struggles. "TOBIIII! TOBIII!!!"
"Hehe awe look at the cute fox, it wants to play!" Tobi says happily as the fox 'playfully' attacks Deidara who is certainly not struggling to save his life.

-=-=- The End -=-=-

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