The stories for my quiz 'Which Akatsuki Member Are You?'

The stories for my quiz 'Which Akatsuki Member Are You?'

Chapter 11


by: ExShinobi

~ It was more of an accident, really. Okay, so I'm sugar coating it a little bit. For all we know, the dog planned it.... ~

Zetsu was angry from being forced to walk. He never walked, but instead used his special technique, the Mayfly, which allowed him to merge with the ground to quickly travel to a new location. So being made to have no choice but use his own two feet, Zetsu couldn't help but feel a little.... ill tempered. And especially ill tempered at Hidan, who was unable to merge with the ground like Zetsu.
"I hate you." Black Zetsu said petulantly. Hidan chuckled before flipping him off and continuing to walk.
"It isn't that bad," White Zetsu gently argued. "We at least get to see all these things we don't usually get to see form under the ground."
"It's all your fault." Black Zetsu had went on, ignoring White Zetsu. "The mission would already be done if you had watched your partner closer."
Hidan spun around.
"It's not my fault Kakuzu left the base and hasn't come back for a couple of days!!" Hidan yelled.
"Yes it was! Kakuzu's note said, and I quote, 'Taking a vacation because someone keeps trying to steal my money to buy leather pants. CAUGH-Hidan-CAUGH-CAUGH'" Black Zetsu tsked. Hidan crossed his arms and looked away.
"I NEVER specifically said leather pants." He mumbled. White Zetsu snickered at the arguing two.
"Let's just continue on the mission." He said. Hidan huffed before turning around and continuing to walk. Black zetsu growled and started forward.
"Awe, what a cute little dog." Hidan said as a pure white dog trotted up to Zetsu and started to wag its tail. Black Zetsu bent down and grabbed the dog up in his mouth. "EEEEEEEE!!!!" Hidan squealed as he saw half the dog hanging out of Zetsu's mouth. "SPIT IT OUT! NOW!!"
Zetsu looked at Hidan blankly before making a slurping noise as the rest of the dog disappeared in his mouth. Hidan gasped. "That's sick!!"
Zetsu shrugged and walked past Hidan.
"You wouldn't have had to see it if you hadn't scared Kakuzu so much that he took a vacation. From you."

-=-=- The End -=-=-

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