Things I don't like about Quibblo (and its users)-Rant

~I have never made a rant before but I really feel like saying certain things about Quibblo and mostly its users that I don't (really) like. Quibblo is an awesome site and has a lot of great things but I want to outline the bad ones, according to my opinion~ ♥

Chapter 1

A lot of invites

by: Natasitsa

The first thing I would like to say is that some people send their invitations more than once at the same time. This is very very annoying when having to clear our inboxes and there are people who have lots of friends and get A LOT of invites.

You don't realise that when you send an invitation, not all your friends are logged in? I mean, we can't see your invitations that moment but we will see them the next time we log in! Can't you be a little more patient?

Why having to clear the same thing from our inbox several times when you haven't even updated it?

Remember that sometimes when you send too many invites, people who receive them get angry and don't take your quiz at all! Isn't that a disadvantage for YOU?♥

You know the trouble of clearing all those invites so don't make it worse please!


Most of the invites these days are spam. Say you have 100 invites in your inbox and about 85 of them are spam. This is a site for quizzes and stories, so the majority (or even all) invites should be quizzes or stories or at least rants (like this one). And what annoys me the most is that sometimes spamming gets more attention from users than actual quality stuff! I have seen spamming creations getting over 50 responses, while quality ones get only 30! That's unacceptable. Just not what this site is made for.

Who actually cares about stuff like "I just died my hair purple!" or "Ugh, the visit to my grandma was awful" or even "HEY CHECK OUT MY NEW ROOM! (First comment)"? Well, it's fine if you do this once, when you really want to share something, but don't overdo it! If I get spam creations from the same users over and over again, I form a not-so-good picture of them in my mind, so when they do make a real quiz, I don't take it.

If you want to post such stuff, there are sites specialized for this. Twitter is the most popular one, so lots of people may read what you want to share. Tumblr is also a good blog site. Facebook can be used for that purpose too. But not Quibblo. If you make a Quibblo account, you are supposed to make quizzes and write stories. Even if their quality is not very good, there is no problem! If you give your best, something comes out from it and I appreciate it.

There is also another solution if you want to share stuff about yourself. Post a story about it. But no, not a story of three lines which says "JUST BOUGHT NEW TRAINERS, LOL, THERE AWESOME!". Make a story where someone buys some new trainers and make it detailed and interesting. At the end of your story, you could say "Well, that's happened to me today.". Why don't you try it?

♥ (Sorry if I was rude but it is a rant book, so I am just telling the truth!) ♥

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