Oh for fucks sake.

Chapter 1


I'm fucking sick of this shit ass idea that sadness is beautiful and poetic and all this crap.

A boy is not going to find you in a bookstore and profess his undying love for you a week later and kiss your scars every night before you go to sleep in his arms or whatever other fucked up shit you guys have managed to convince yourself of.

Do you really want to know what's going to happen?

A boy is going to see you in a bookstore and he'll look at you once and then he'll look away again and go on with his life, because the majority of boys in this world are not like that, no matter how much the media likes to tell you otherwise.

A boy is not going to tell you he loves you a week after meeting you, and if he does he's a liar and you need to rid yourself of him immediately because it is physically impossible to fall in love with someone and then manage to work up the courage to tell them that quickly.

A boy is not going to kiss your scars when he sees them. He will probably go silent and look at you strangely for a few days before he even manages to say anything about them, because despite what you have been told, most boys aren't fucking poets and they don't know what they should fucking say to a girl about it. And there will be boys who will see your scars and who will run away and never look back, and you just need to accept that because it's going to happen, whether you like it or not.

Having a mental disorder is not "cute" or "quirky" and it doesn't make you more "interesting" or "original," so stop faking them to get attention from people. Depression is fucking serious, anxiety is fucking serious, anorexia is fucking serious, bulimia is fucking serious, they're all fucking serious and they are not quirks for you to add to your personality description. So stop telling people that you "have anxiety" when you're just a bit shy or that you're "depressed" after being sad for a day.

In the end you should just be your own hero and stop relying on other people to do things for you because people are cruel and they will break you, whether by accident or on purpose, so just work on fixing yourself and don't depend on anyone else to do it for you because other people can walk away from you, but you can't walk away from yourself.


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