Mage for a Day

This story is FINISHED, and I must say I'm pretty satisfied at how it turned out.

It's for the writing contest, the first one I've ever done. I hope you don't mind my loose interpretation of the word "class".

Chapter 1


Ages ago in far off lands,
powerful Gifts arose
from gods above, so humans might
their enemies oppose.

It soon became so rare, so scarce,
extended to so few,
that it was insurmountable
for humans to subdue

the power of the demons' might
those dwellers of the North
who sought to dominate every
Damarian thenceforth.

But in the reaches of two teens
tremendous powers lie.
The older's destiny to live,
the younger's fate to die.

Unless these two the journey make;
unless they heed the call.
To Northern tricks or Northern fire
Damaria will fall.

So listen close, remember well,
this tale of man and mage.
The fate of Earth is written here
upon the final page.

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