Don't Say Goodbye: Little Mix/One Direction Love Story!

When Little Mix and One Direction were out together to do a world tour.
What happens if the band members of each band falls in love while on tour?
Heart breaks, romance, drama and everything inbetween will be involve of this story!
I guess you have to read this story to find out, won't ya??

Chapter 1


Perrie's Point Of View

"Girls, you have to start preparing your world tour." Our manager, Susie explain to us.
Us girls groaned and grabbed our micophones and start to warm up our voices.
I forgot to introduces myself.
I am Perrie Louise Edwards.
Pepe for short.
I'm 1/4 of an X-Factor band called Little Mix.

~Back to rehearses~
"Wings are made to fly." We finished our song before getting drink.
"That was amazing!" Leigh Anne shouted.
"I recone." Jesy said in return.
I grabbed my phone and check my twitter to see if anything is good on twitter.
I scroll through the tweets from other celebrities till on in particular caught my eye.
@zaynmalik1D: Can not wait to go on tour with @LittleMixOffical

my eyes widen.
"Susie? Are we going on tour wiht One Direction?" I ask Susie as she walks onstage.
"Yes, you girls are." Susie says proudly.
"But why didn't you tell us before? We would've been more prepared?" Jade explains, with us other giurls nodding out heads.
"Well, I am sorry girls, but it was going to be a surprise, but who told you Perriee?" Susie asks.
"Zayn from One Direction tweeted it on Twitter 10 minutes ago." I answered.
"Oh okay. Now, you girls are leaving on friday." Susie said as she walks away.
"Okay, girls. We need to go and get packin since its only thrusday." Jade took charge.
We nod our heads and walk off stage to our waiting cars and get ready for oour fist ever Little Mix concert

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