Imagination -Original Story-

I was reading cheesy horror stories online and was like eeeyyy immuna write one of those type thingies.
Short, I know, written on my phone.
Any criticism would be appreciated.
Thanks for reading.

Chapter 1


You've probably heard the saying "You're not scared of the dark, you're scared of what's in the dark." Or rather, not knowing whats in the dark.
You've probably had the feeling that after turning out a light you need to run from that place, you wouldn't want the unknown to catch you.
Maybe you've watched a paranormal type movie or read a story and have been more aware of "strange" sounds and sights.
You see a shadow in the corner of your eye, but when you look nothing is there. Just your imagination, right?
Just your imagination.

You can create anything in your imagination, it seems. The mind is endless. You've probably thought up a few plausible reasons on how you will die one day. Your mind is a dangerous place. Depending how you use it.
Don't let it out.

See that dark corner?
Just your imagination.


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