The Magical School

The Magical School

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Chapter 3

Finally enters into Magical School

....I found my hand could go inside it.

"Wow!" we both say at a same moment.

"If we can go inside it then I think this is a gift by god to me to go to a new adventurous place." I said happily.

"So Elser, let you first go and I will follow you." I said her seriously.

"It's ok." She replied but it seems that she was nervous.

Then she stand on map and ultimately she gone inside and I also did the same.

And when we reached there we saw a green stream was flowing and there was something more different the sky there was of green colour.

"Cool place" I said happily. And then we saw a golden board on which it was written 'Welcome To Magical Land' with silver, it was seeking our attraction. And when we move forward we see that apart being flower and fruits, there were chocolates on plants and trees. And when I tried to pluck one chocolate, the human skulls standing there that "A stranger can't take them."

So we moved forward, and soon reached near a old and dirty building but a golden board and on that it was written 'The Magical School'.

"So finally we reached to our destiny." I said Elser gently.

"O, Yes we finally reached so, let move forward." She replied in a pleasant voice.

And as we move forward a monkey came in front of us and said, "Hey I welcome you to our Magical School."

I was totally baffled that a monkey can talk and as we entered inside we saw that the head of human skull rise up with a green flashing light and said in a clumsy voice "Welcome To our school."

" know that you hadn't come accidently it was me who selected you for our school competition and really I had totally selected about 10,000 students of real life but no one still had combeted this competition of 10 impossible question, So, good luck with it." He said to us with a silly smile.

"Ok, I am ready for this challenge, I really love challenges." I replied with confidence.

"Ok boy, but no one is even able to solve 3 questions." He said with foolish expression on his face.

"Ok, No problem but I am unique and different than other's." I replied with some confidencial expressions.

"I know boy because you are the first who came in couple and even you are the first who had talk that much freely with me without any hesitation." he replied with a smile on his face.

I didn't replied him but said to myself "Who fears to talk with you clumsy skull."

But I was amazed that how can he hear that.

"Ok, Then now start competition." I said that clumsy skull with a little confidence.

And finally competition starts and here is your first question......

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